Top 10 Hockey Gifts for the Hockey Fan in your Life – 2022 Edition

A number of years ago, we began regular posts on the Top Hockey Gifts for Christmas.  Our 2015 edition included 15 Cool Hockey Gifts for Christmas 2015.  Our 2016 edition included some unique hockey gifts, our 2017 edition included the classic handheld video hockey game.  The last edition we did for the Top Hockey Gifts for the Hockey Fan in your life 2018 Edition included a cool Hockey Wreath of your favourite NHL team.

So with our first post-pandemic list of top hockey gifts for the hockey fan in your life, we wanted to include some popular items combined with some of the more unique hockey gifts that are available out there.

Top 10 Hockey Gifts for 2022

#10. Green Biscuit Hockey Puck – Coming in at number ten on our list is an affordable option for the hockey players in your family. The Green Biscuit hockey Puck is great for passing, shooting and stick handling practice.  This puck actually comes in multiple colors and slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts, paved surfaces or even in arena hallways.  You can even customize the puck with your own custom logo. Pricing is typically around $12-$14 per puck.

Available at most hockey stores or at:

#9. Lampeez LED 3D Hockey Player Night Light – LED lights are all the rage with preteens.  So for the little hockey player in your life check out these 3D LED Night Lights form Lampeez.  The light has 16 colors to choose from and 4 kinds of flashing and brightness options.  $27.99 at

#8. Hockey Themed Crew Socks – here’s another affordable option for the hockey fan in your life.  These hockey themed crew socks, hockey dress socks and team socks are perfect for your hockey player to use on and off the ice!  Priced at $11.99/pair, there are a number of options to choose from.  Personally, we like the rink and the skate socks the best.  Available at ChalkTalk

#7. Custom Hockey Family Portrait – ok sometimes items like this are a little cheesy, but this is a unique gift that is relatively affordable for the hockey family in your life.   You can personalize your portrait to include family pets, names, hockey team jersey colors and more.  Prices vary based on the size and type of portrait and range from 23.88 $CDN to $287.  Available at

#6. Hockey Moms: The Heart of the Game – a great new book written by Teresa Bailey and Terry Marcotte, thirty Hockey Moms share their stories from the likes of moms like Kelly McDavid and Ema Matthews with those of mothers who never expected their children to set foot on the ice.  Available at bookstores everywhere including Chapters Indigo.

#5. Howie’s Build a Box – if you have a hockey player in your family, you’ve no doubt purchased supplies or specifically hockey tape from Howies previously.  One of the great options that they have on their site is their Build a Box option.  Options include a 3-pack, 12-pack or 30-pack of their tape which cn be made up of cloth tape for your bladce, grip tape, hockey sock tape, know tape and various patterned tape.  Simply choose your item, color and quantity and build your box.  Prices vary depending on the options and items that you select. Available at 

#4. Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card – ok this one is might be on the high-end of your price point.  This is one gift that every hockey fan would like in their stocking this year (myself included).  With the pandemic the past couple of years sports cards collecting has gone through the roof.  You’ve no-doubt heard that in 2021 a Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold for $3.75 million which doubled the previous record for sale of a hockey card.  Whilwe the market has dropped slightly, you can get a lower graded or ungraded card in the $600-1K range, but a graded Gretzky rookie is still going to cost you.  Beware of counterfeits out there though.  Visit your local Hockey Card shop or online merchant (eBay) to see what the inventory looks like out there.  Here’s a great story about Steve Babineau who took the photo that was originally used for Gretzky’s iconic rookie card.

#3. NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys – the NHL and Adidas have produced some great Reverse Retro jerseys this season. Not sure which one to get for the hockey fan in your life?  Well obviously they’ll want to represent their favourite NHL team, but in case you can’t decide, check out our ranking of the 32 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys for 2022/23.  Available at Adidas Canada.

#2. Super Deker Hockey Training System – this is something that my son added to his Christmas list for this year.  The SuperDeker is an Advanced Hockey Training Aid for players of all ages and skill levels to work on stickhandling training at anytime, anywhere.  Improves Hockey stickhandling skills through fun and challenging games featuring three game Training Modes.  It’s actually pretty cool and depending on where you are looking to purchase pricing can vary from $299 to $400.  Visit for more information.

#1. Bauer Mini Mystery Sticks – if you have a hockey household like ours, you’ll want to pick up a couple of these Mystery Mini-Sticks.  Who doesn’t play mini sticks in their basement? This year there are 5 different stick designs available: AG5NT / MAKAR / POULIN / BLUE SLING / RETRO. You’ll have to act fast because these things sell out quickly every year.  Available at many local hockey stores or at for $19.99 each.

You’ve still got time to go out and get your favourite hockey fan one of these great gifts.   

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