10 Great Gifts for the Hockey Mom

Well the Holiday season is fast approaching and with Black Friday scheduled for this Friday, November 27, 2015, shopping for the Hockey fan is set to get under way. So of course there are a number of people to buy for at Christmas and throughout the year. Here at thehockeyfanatic.com, we thought that would would pay homage to the greatest people in the game, the Hockey Mom.  Hockey Moms are some of the most dedicated, loving and supportive people in the hockey community.  They are the people who keep the kids fed, prepared and ready for practice and for games.  They are the ones who get a phone call when a player is in the middle of a scoring drought.   They are the ones who get the call to say “hey mom I’m getting married”.  Hockey moms are the ones who savor the moments of kids’ pure joy playing hockey.

Hockey MomImage Credit: http://www.imahockeydad.com/2014/05/11/hockey-moms-the-word/

So as the holidays approach and you are going through your list, be sure to check off something for the hockey mom in your life.  Here is a list of some great gift ideas for hockey moms.  And for any hockey moms that are reading this post, be sure to check out the great Facbook page for Canadian hockey moms which can be accessed at: https://www.facebook.com/HockeyMomInCanada/

10 Great Gifts for the Hockey Mom

  1. A Tim Horton’s Gift – there is nothing more Canadian that speaks hockey like Tim Horton’s.  Visit the local Tim Hortons in your neighborhood and consider getting the hockey mom in your life a Tim Horton’s variety pack.  Or maybe get her a tin of her favorite coffee.  Affordable and delicious she will love it.  Want to order Timmie’s online, check out the Tim Hortons store on Amazon.caTim Horton's Variety Pack
  2. A Relaxing Spa Package – tell me one hockey mom, or one mom in general out there who would not appreciate a spa day or even a one hour massage at the spa of her choice?  Hockey moms are like no other and they need some rest and relaxation from time to time as well.  Visit your local spa to get a gift certificate for the hockey mom in your life.  Or if you know you will be travelling soon, check out Elle Canada’s review of the Top 10 Spas in Canada.  Spa Relaxation
  3. Hockey Mom Hoodie – how about a Hockey Mom hoodie from spreadshirt.ca?  While this may not be for all hockey moms, its a fun way of showing some appreciation for the Hockey Mom in your life.  $54 CDN.  Available in various colors. Hockey Mom HoodieFun right?
  4. A Personalized Hockey Mom gift – there are a ton of great personalized gifts that you could give to the hockey mom in your life.  From coffeee mugs, to jewelry, to clothing and attire.  Visit http://www.chalktalksports.com/ for some ideas on some fun gifts for hockey moms.
  5. A Gas card from the local filling station – does your mom pick you up and take you to practice three (or more) times per week?  Why not give mom a gift card from here local gas station? Petro-Canada Gift CardThe Petro-Canada Gift Card can be used to buy anything at Petro-Canada from gas to convenience store items.   It is a little out of the ordinary but would be appreciated nonetheless.  Available at most gas stations or online. Petro Canada Gift Card
  6. Hockey Jersey from their favorite team. – To be a hockey mom, you do not always have to be a hockey fan, but lets be honest most hockey moms are hockey fans in their own right.  So what is more cooler than an official licensed hockey jersey from your hockey mom’s favorite team? Chances are the hockey fan in your life probably already has a hockey jersey of their favorite team, but new designs and third jerseys have become very popular. Perhaps a personalized jersey or a jersey with their favorite player’s name and number may be in order. Take a look at some of our favorite hockey jerseys of all time.  Or let’s say that that your hockey mom is your hockey billet mom.  Why not get her a jersey from your junior team?  It is something that she will remember always.  Visit NHL.com for a great selection of hockey jerseys.Hot Product: NHL Jerseys
  7. A gift certificate for her favorite restaurant – and no we are not talking about McDonalds.  Hockey moms are dedicated and quite often always put the kids or rest of the family ahead of themselves.  Sometimes they just need a night out on the town.  Why not treat them to a dinner at their favorite place of dining and get them a gift card for one of their favorite restaurants? She will love it!
  8. Some warm gloves – most hockey rinks are freezing so you know that if your mom comes out to watch your games and practices that she will appreciate a nice warm pair of gloves.  LORD & TAYLOR Cashmere-Lined gloves from the Bay may just be the perfect gift for the Hockey Mom in your life.  Available in various colors at the Bay $105. Currently on sale for $78. Cashmere Lined Gloves
  9. Chocolate – what hockey mom doesn’t like chocolate?  Chances are not many.  Another great gift for the hockey mom in your life is some delicious chocolate.  We recommend Purdy’s chocolate made right here in Canada.  Purdy’s Chocolates is perfect for chocolate gifts and fundraising events. They also carry gourmet gift baskets, truffles, and a selection of over 70 different chocolates. Canada’s leading chocolatier delivers to Canada and the United States.  Shop online or visit your local Purdy’s today. Might we recommend the Christmas Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels.  Yum!Purdy's Chocolate
  10. Wine – again not for all hockey moms, but a nice bottle of her favorite wine is always a nice touch.  Find out what her favorite wine is and pick up a bottle or two to show your appreciation for all of her hardwork, patience and understanding.  I would recommend something from my native Okanagan if it is available in your area.  Visit http://www.tourismkelowna.com/do/wine/all-wineries/ for a list of some great wineries and ideas for some great tasting wines from here in the Okanagan Valley..


Treat the hockey mom in your life, like she is the number one draft pick on your team.

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