Ranking Connor McDavid’s Top 10 Goals (thus far)

It’s late November 2022, another NHL season is underway, and it has been a good one. For fans of the Edmonton Oilers however things are proving interesting.  At the time of this writing the Oilers are sitting at 10-9 on the season and are sitting in fifth place in the Pacific Conference.  Not where they expected to be at this point. On the flip side, Oilers captain, Connor McDavid has exploded out of the gates leading the NHL in goals (16) and points (35) through nineteen games. So all of you Hockey Writers who voted for Auston Matthews to win the various NHL awards, how do you like me know?  McDavid is far and away the League and more specifically the World’s greatest hockey player.  The plays he makes are unbelievable.  He’s even added a solid defensive element to his game and game throw a big hit to get his team going.

As Oilers’ fans, we should never forget that we were gifted this hockey dynamo who game in and game out continues to impress.  Hence the inspiration for this post.  Asking to rank Connor McDavid’s top goals is not an easy task.  Ranking his top 10 goals in a given season is a task to behold.  However we’ve watched Connor for seven seasons now, and he just continues to amaze. We all know who should have won the Hart trophy last season.

Connor McDavid’s Top 10 Goals – 2023 Edition

Of course, this list may become dated fairly quickly with the tremendous skill and ability that McDavid has.  He very-well could be the most electrifying player the game has ever seen (and we say this will all due respect to Pavel Bure and others before him). You know that there are some non-Oilers fans who know what’s coming when they make comments like “That nauseous feeling in your stomach when you’re a Rangers fan and you know damn well what the #1 highlight is gonna be.”  With that here is the Hockey Fanatic’s list of Top 11 Connor McDavid goals of all-time.

#10. November 18, 2022 vs. Vegas Golden Knights.  Sometimes what makes a great goal is the timing of the goal. Connor McDavid has scored his fair share of game winners over his young career, but this OT winner vs. the Vegas Golden Knights was pretty special.  His speed on the play is actually deceiving and the finesse of the shot is simply something that a lot of players cannot accomplish, let alone try.  Big goal that solidifies a big win for his Edmonton Oilers.  Game Summary.

#9. February 5, 2018 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning. McDavid actually lit the Lightning up for four goals (and added an assist) in this game and this one ranks high for the precision of the shot.  The angle, the effortless placement of the shot make this a thing of beauty. Game recap.

#8. May 14, 2022 vs. Los Angeles Kings. There’s nothing better than scoring a big goal in game seven of a playoff series. While this might not be the flashiest of Connor McDavid’s goals, there are very few that have been bigger. With just under four minutes left in the third period McDavid scores the 2-0 goal for the Oilers in game seven of their 2022 playoff series against the Los Angeles Kings.  McDavid never gives up on the play and lofts a backhander over Johnathan Quick causing Oilers fans to erupt out of their seats. Game Recap.

#7. March 28, 2019 vs. Dallas Stars. Ok so all of the kids try the between the legs goals all of the time, but can they do it at full speed against the world’s top goaltenders of the NHL?  Check out this clip as Connor McDavid scores by putting the puck between his legs from an impossible angle for his 40th goal of the season against the Dallas.

#6. August 3, 2020 vs. Chicago Blackhawks. Connor’s second goal vs. Corey Crawford in the play-in series was a thing of beauty.  Connor controls a bouncing puck, turn on the jets and flips a backhand over Crawford for his second of the game.  It’s McDavid 2, Blackhawks zero four minutes into the game. Game Recap.

Here’s a look at some additional amazing plays from number ninety-seven.

#5. January 30, 2021 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs.  Connor McDavid goes coast to coast against the Leafs is pure majesty.  Check out this sensational powerplay goal scored by the Oilers captain. What a touch to tuck this one in.  Game Recap.

#4. November 18, 2021 vs. Winnipeg Jets. Just days after he scored one of the greatest goals of all-time vs. the New York Rangers, Connor McDavid was at it again with a coast-to-coast rush and goal delivered by the game’s greatest player against one of the game’s greatest goaltenders in Connor Hellebucyk of the Winnipeg Jets.

#3. February 2, 2016 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets – The return of Connor McDavid in his rookie season after suffering a clavicle injury. As Jordan Eberle pushes the puck ahead, Connor McDavid picks up the puck in the neutral zone, splits the dee and throws about five deaks on the tender before burying the goal in his first game back after suffering his clavicle injury. Game Summary.

#2. January 6, 2020 vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs – Part of the majesty of Connor McDavid’s game is his speed shifts.  There is no greater example of this than when he scored his first ever goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs. McDavid goes from first gear to fifth as he leaves Toronto defenseman Morgan Riley dead in his tracks. Watch this clip as Connor McDavid blows by Morgan Rielly and puts the puck past Michael Hutchinson to give Edmonton the 6-3 lead over the Maple Leafs. Another four point game for McDavid as they won the game 6-4. Game Summary.

#1. November 5, 2021 vs. New York Rangers.  We cannot disappoint Rangers fans can we?  This is arguably one of the sickest goals of all time.  This goal is so monumental that there have been multiple hockey cards to recreate the moment.  I was watching this game live in a hotel room up in Prince George, BC as my son had a couple of hockey games in Northern BC.  The room erupted as McDavid danced around all of the New York Rangers and looked to even surprise himself with the beauty of this goal.  No one and we mean no one score more beautiful goals than Conner McDavid.  The forgotten point of this game is that the Oilers actually trailed the Rangers by a score of 4-1 at one point, but ended up winning the game 6-5 on an OT winner by Leon Draisaitl.  McDavid’s game tying goal with about three minutes in the third was a catalyst for a team destined not to lose on this night. Connor McDavid’s goal was a goal for the ages!  Game Recap.


There is no argument that you can make that will convince me that Connor McDavid is not the best player in the game today.  Some say that he is overrated. Think again, McDavid is not overrated at all. He does things with the puck that we’ve never seen before at speeds we’ve never seen before. Connor McDavid truly is a treat to watch.  Not just because of his goals, but his acceleration, his edge work, this year he’s added a spin-o-rama to his repertoire.  This player is as entertaining as they come in any sport, not just hockey.  It’s easy to see why Connor McDavid is our favourite hockey player. He’s a human highlight reel. We cannot wait to see what he does next.

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