21 Things That Make a Great Hockey Fan

As the self-proclaimed hockey fanatic I pride myself on being a great hockey fan.  I am a long-time fan of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers (which has been difficult in recent years) but I also make time to watch my hometown WHL squad the Kelowna Rockets (was formerly a season ticket holder) and this year I started going to more West Kelowna Warriors games.  What a great year to do so as the Warriors went on a sweet run in the playoffs to capture a number of provincial and national titles.  Not to mention all of the practice and games that I went to for my now seven year old son.  Needless to say, hockey has always been and continues to be a large part of my life.

So it got me thinking about what makes a great hockey fan?  Like what does one need to do to become a “Great” hockey plan.  I though that i would compile a fun little list of things that make a hockey fan a great hockey fan.

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21 Things That Make a Great Hockey Fan

      1. Hockey Knowledge – to be a great hockey fan, you should have a strong understanding of the game.  You should know the fundamental rules of the game and you should be able to explain them easily to newbie hockey fans.  Great hockey fans tend to know a lot about the fastest game on ice.
      2. Passion – this goes without saying.  Great hockey fans are passionate.  They are passionate for the game of hockey as a whole but also for their favorite teams and players.
      3. Respectful – while emotions can get the best of players and coaches, a great hockey fan can get excited without being disrespectful.  Booing an opposing team or player is fan, just be respectful of the players, the officials, opposing fans, coaches etc.  A great hockey fan does not need to resort to name calling or physical altercations to show how passionate that they are.
      4. Know the Schedule – great hockey fans always know when their team(s) play and against whom they are playing.
      5. Support your teams colors – this is a big one.  A great hockey fan should have at least one piece of merchandise that supports their team.  In my case with regards to the Oilers, I think that I have every jersey that they have ever released.  My Oilers swag collection is actually quite extensive.  A great hockey fan will always support their team’s colors with a jersey, t-shirt, cap etc.  Great hockey fans often don the colors of their favorite team.
      6. Know Player and Teams Stats – what often separates a part time hockey fan from a “great” hockey fan is the fact that “great” hockey fans can wrap of stats about players and team in their sleep.  In addition to having solid knowledge about the game great hockey fans know their stats.  Hockey analytics has taken this to a whole other level in recent years.
      7.  Dedication – great hockey fans are dedicated.  Even when their team loses season after season (See: Edmonton Oilers) they still root for their favorite teams.
      8. Loves Multiple Hockey Leagues – a great hockey fan is not just an NHL fan.  They enjoy watching international hockey tournaments, junior hockey and even minor hockey in their location town or city.
      9. Great Hockey Fan Ignore Phones (and Technology) while watching a game – a great hockey fan is there to partake in an entertainment event.  They are paying attention to the game not talking on their phone our texting throughout game play.
      10. Great hockey fans have a high excitement level – based on their passion for the game, a great hockey fan can go from zero to one hundred in terms of their excitement level.
      11. Great hockey fans don’t take the losses personally – winning and losing is part of the game.  You can’t win them all.  A great hockey fan rolls with the losses just as well as celebrating the wins.
      12. Great hockey fans have fun – whether watching hockey live or on television, a great hockey fan will have fun no matter where the venue is.
      13. Great hockey fans respect the national anthems – a great hockey fan will never disrespect the anthems; will in attendance at a live game, a great hockey fan will sing along proudly and loudly.
      14. Great hockey fans like multiple teams- whoever said that you can only like one team?  A great hockey fan will often have have multiple favorite teams.
      15. September and October are our favorites months – why?  Because that is when hockey season starts.  Whether it is the CHL, AHL, KHL or NHL your teams take to the ice in September with most leagues starting up by early October.
      16. Great fans embrace heckling – while being respectful, a great hockey fan will enjoy heckling from the opposition.  It can make for some entertaining moments during a game or season.
      17. Great hockey fans are compassionate for the kids – if you are attending a game and are lucky enough to get a puck that flies over the glass,  Give it to a kid around you.  The one exception might be if you are taking it home for your son or daughter.  Don’t be that guy who leaps over a row of seats, bodychecks a kid, spills another kid’s popcorn just to grab a puck.
      18. Know the rules – great hockey fans now the basics when it comes to the rules of the game.
      19. Learn the history of the game – if you are an NHL fan for example, research the history of the game.  Know which teams have won the most championships.  Learn when each of the teams joined the NHL.  Learn about all of the great players who made the NHL what it is today.
      20. Understand hockey terminology – learn some hockey jargon.  Do you know what an apple is?  How about what a “toe drag” is?  To help get you started visit our section on hockey terms.  Here are some of our favorite hockey terms.
      21. Play the game of hockey – while you don’t have to play hockey to be a great fan, it sure gives you a better appreciation for the game.  Whether it is on the ice, or playing street hockey, the game is a great way to spend time with pals and converse about favorite plays, players or teams.  Being a top notch hockey fan means that you understand the game, the plays, coaching decisions, strategies and have a fundamental sense of the game of hockey.

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