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NHL Lockout Continues to Alienate Hockey Fans

December 16, 2012

Tweet As an NHL hockey fans, how can we continue to show the love for the game that many of us have grown up watching and wishing to be a part of?  Four work stoppages in twenty years, a full missed season and we are on the verge of missing a second full season.  All […]

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Top 50 Hockey Songs – Post NHL Lockout

December 8, 2012

Tweet So the NHL lockout has been dragging on for over 80 days. We may be close to a new agreement or we may not be. There might be a good chance that hockey fans do not see any NHL hockey league this season.  Regardless if you go into any hockey arena in any town […]

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10 Things That Suck About the 2012 NHL Lockout

December 4, 2012

Tweet Ok we are all frustrated, but perhaps not surprised with this NHL lockout.  No doubt that there are owners, players, employees and most importantly NHL hockey fans who are frustrated with the pat 78 days of the NHL lockout.  As hockey fans if we just stopped to think about it, the NHL lockout has […]

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2013 NHL Team Worth

December 2, 2012

Tweet The Business of Hockey Last week we reviewed the franchise value of the thirty NHL clubs in preparation for the latest report due from Forbes.  Currently the business of hockey is going through some difficult times with the NHL lockout that was imposed by League commissioner Gary Bettman on September 15, 2012.  The third […]

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