Top 50 Hockey Songs – Post NHL Lockout

So the NHL lockout has been dragging on for over 80 days. We may be close to a new agreement or we may not be. There might be a good chance that hockey fans do not see any NHL hockey league this season.  Regardless if you go into any hockey arena in any town or city there are some staple hockey songs that you can expect to hear.

Hockey Anthem – a song played in hockey arenas and at hockey rinks that gets both the hockey players and the hockey fans pumped up. A song with a strong beat or hockey reference.

We’ve added a little twist with a few hockey songs that you can expect to hear once the NHL starts up again. You may recognize some of these.
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Top 50 Hockey Songs & Arena Anthems

  1. Welcome Back – John Sebastian
  2. Stompin Tom Connors – The Hockey Song
  3. We Will Rock You – Warrant version (originally by Queen)
  4. Jump – Van Halen
  5. O Canada – The Canadian National Anthem
  6. God Bless America – Kate Smith
  7. The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
  8. Back Where You Belong – 38 Special
  9. He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) – Alice Cooper
  10. Stand Up – Steel Dragon
  11. I Love It Loud – Kiss

  12. Sandstorm – Darude
  13. Let’s Get it Started by The Black Eyed Peas
  14. Big League by Tom Cochrane
  15. Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale
  16. The Zambonis, I Want To Drive The Zamboni
  17. The Wickerman – Iron Maiden
  18. Takin’ Care of Business – Bachman Turner Overdrive
  19. Burn It To the Ground – Nickelback
  20. Blur, Song 2
  21. Big and Rich – Save a horse ride a cowboy
  22. Celebration by Kool & the Gang
  23. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen
  24. Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
  25. Rock and Roll All Nite – Kiss
  26. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
  27. Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden
  28. Enter Sandman by Metallica
  29. The Star Spangled Banner-
  30. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
  31. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n Roses
  32. Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue
  33. We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
  34. Rock and Roll, Part 2 by Gary Glitter
  35. Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti
  36. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
  37. 50 Mission Cap by The Tragically Hip
  38. Famous – Puddle of Mudd
  39. Devour – Shinedown
  40. Livin’ The Life – Steel Dragon
  41. Let’s Get Rocked – Def Leppard
  42. Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
  43. Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
  44. Ice Hockey Stadium Organ Theme – Traditional
  45. Running Back to Saskatoon – The Guess Who
  46. Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
  47. Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar
  48. Slow Ride – Foghat
  49. We’re Gonna Win – Bryan Adams
  50. Aaron Pritchett – Hold My Beer

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