Interview with Edmonton Oilers Superfan: McMullet

Hockey fans are a great bunch aren’t they? They are typically passionate, extremely knowledgeable and very loyal to their team. There are many criteria that makes a great hockey fan, but what about those select few who become Super-fans?

Enter Trevor Weal, or perhaps you may know him better as “McMullet”. If you have watched an Edmonton Oilers game on television over the past few years, you may have seen Trevor in the stands. Known for his orange and blue dyed hair, the man they call McMullet is often seen on the camera celebrating an Oilers goal or victory. Trevor has been to 104 straight Oilers home games and counting (adding that it’s been a total of around 70,000 km to attend the games). He’s a pretty dedicated guy.

McMullet in Action at Rogers Place

The HockeyFanatic sat down with Trevor to discuss what it means to be a hockey fan and to be a superfan of the Edmonton Oilers.

Interview with Oilers Superfan

Hockey Fanatic: Hi Trevor thanks for doing this, we really appreciate it. Can you tell us about yourself and how long that you have been a hockey fan?

Trevor aka McMullet: You bet! I was born in Alberta, and have lived here my whole life. I played hockey when I was younger and always loved to watch and play. The excitement of the live games and the people I get to meet make me love hockey even more.

Hockey Fanatic: Speaking of the excitement of live games, we often see you during the Edmonton Oilers TV broadcasts. How long have you been a fan of the Oilers?

McMullet: My earliest memories of being a fan of the Oilers, was when they won the Stanley Cup in 1988. I was a hockey player and the great Oilers teams of the eighties sparked my passion. My passion for the team continued to grow especially as I cheered them on in the 1996 playoffs.

Hockey Fanatic: That’s great that you got to see them capture a couple of their Stanley Cup wins. A lot of the younger generation of Oilers fans have not been able to see that as of yet, at least not yet…

Hockey Fanatic: So obvious question, what’s the history behind the name “McMullet”?

McMullet: I’ve been a season ticket holder for a few years. With season seats behind the media I started to get a lot of attention for being on many of the broadcasts. I have been growing the Mullet since my kids asked me to in 2020, it started out as a fun challenge and has turned into something that is part of my personality. I went from “that guy,” to “glasses guy,” and naturally transitioned to McMullet in honour of one of the hockey greats.

Hockey Fanatic: That’s great. Very recognizable… and mullets are back in apparently. Ryan Smyth was always one of our favourites as well.

Edmonton Oilers Super-Fan: Trevor Weal outside Oilers Dressing room

Hockey Fanatic: Who was your favourite hockey player as a kid?

McMullet: This is an easy one for sure, Jason Arnott has always been my favorite. I got to meet him and have my picture with him in the penalty box at the Carnival of Champions back in 1995.

Editor’s Note: Jason Arnott was selected seventh overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft and played four and a half seasons with the Oilers from 1993-94 through 1997-98. He retired after the 2011-12 NHL season.

Hockey Fanatic: Who is your current favourite hockey player?

McMullet: Hmm that’s a tough one… The entire Oilers roster are my favourites for their different skills and personalities. I don’t think I could pick a favourite at this point.

Hockey Fanatic: Spoken like a true Super-Fan.

What has been your most memorable moment at an Oilers game?

McMullet: Two come to mind right away, and they both involve the BOA (Battle of Alberta). First is the goalie fight between Cam Talbot and Mike Smith. The second is Woody (then coach Jay Woodcroft) waiting at the bench after McDavid knocked the Flames out of the playoffs.

Hockey Fanatic: Ah yes, two very sweet moments for hockey fans, in particular Oilers fans.

Hockey Fanatic: What has been your all-time favourite fan moment?

McMullet: Being at the games when a hat-trick occurs is unreal. So many hats rain down and make their way to the ice. It is always a memorable experience.

Hockey Fanatic: That truly is a great hockey moment. Especially at games in Edmonton. We’ve never seen so many hats thrown on the ice.

McMullet: Oh it’s unreal.

Hockey Fanatic: What do you think it takes to be a die-hard hockey fan?

McMullet: Great winter tires, a flexible work situation and my family cheering me on and encouraging me to achieve my goals. It also helps to have so many new people that I have met sharing in the experience.

Hockey Fanatic: Hahaha spoken like a true Canadian and a true Albertan.

McMullet: It really is the people though. I’ve met so many cool people at Oilers games, and we all share a love of the Edmonton Oilers.

Trevor and Friends outside Rogers Place in Edmonton

Hockey Fanatic: Oilers fans are definitely a passionate bunch. Ok so Oilers are in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals and the game is going into Overtime. Who do you have out there (current roster)?

McMullet: Nuge, McDavid, Hyman, Bouchard, Ekholm, and Skinner

Hockey Fanatic: All solid choices. Ok same question but all-time Edmonton Oilers roster?

McMullet: McDavid, Gretzky, Draisaitl, Coffey, Arnott, and Fuhr

Hockey Fanatic: We don’t think anyone in the hockey world would argue with those choices.

Hockey Fanatic: What is the best thing about being an Oilers fan?

McMullet: The atmosphere and fellow fans are amazing! Oilers fans are spread out worldwide and loyal to their team. Oilers fans are the greatest! The arena gets so loud and fans get really into it.

Hockey Fanatic: Favourite food at Rogers place?

McMullet: Studio 99 is top notch! The buffet is definitely worth a try at least once. My go to drink is Tims coffee, and its only $2.50 which is great.

Hockey Fanatic: Oh definitely agree about Studio 99. The buffet was amazing. Great atmosphere.

Studio 99 at Rogers Place

Hockey Fanatic: Which NHL team has the best fan base and why?

McMullet: The Oilers of course, but much respect goes to the fans in Vegas and Seattle. They are supporting their teams during a build, which is fun to see. The fans were welcoming and friendly.

Hockey Fanatic: We would agree. We’ve been to games in both Vegas and Seattle and the atmosphere is off the charts.

McMullet: For sure.

Hockey Fanatic: Which NHL team would you say has the worst fan base and why?

McMullet: Toronto and Vancouver have been a couple of the least sportsman like fanbases. I am friends with many different types of fans that support different teams, and Toronto and Vancouver fans seem to take some of the banter to the next level. That being said most hockey fans are just fun-loving people who are friendly, approachable and love a good hockey discussion.

Hockey Fanatic: Other than Rogers Place which rink is the best to watch NHL hockey?

McMullet: I have a goal to watch the Oilers play in every NHL rink. So far I have been to Seattle, Calgary, Vancouver, L.A, Anaheim, Dallas, and Arizona. Arizona was a really cool experience because it is a college rink, which makes it small and intimate. Seattle is my favorite rink so far. They have done an amazing job of revitalizing the arena, and the staff and fans are amazing!

McMullet Bobblehead in the desert

Hockey Fanatic: Last one for you. Anything you want to say or share with the Oilers fans out there?

McMullet: Don’t stop believing in our boys, we all have tough days. If you ever see me at a game don’t hesitate to come say hi and introduce yourself.

Hockey Fanatic: That’s fantastic. Hey Trevor we really appreciate you taking the time to talk being a Hockey Fan with us. You are the epitome of a Super-Fan. Keep bringing the positivity to Oil Country and lets hope the Oilers have a nice long playoff run this season.

McMullet: My pleasure! Go Oilers go!

There you have it hockey fans. From one hockey fan to another, Trevor Weal aka McMullet shares his experience being a die-hard fan of the Edmonton Oilers. Really nice guy. If you are ever at an Oilers game and manage to see him, don’t be a stranger. Thanks again Trevor and yes, Go Oilers Go!

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