10 Great Sources for NHL Hockey Scores

In the digital age, it seems like we have information at our fingertips ready for when we want it.  The problem is the source of the information.  How do you truly know if the information is accurate, up-to-date and current?  For many hockey fans they have their “go-to” resources to keep up with their favorite hockey teams.  Whether it is an App or a website, there are a ton of great resources when looking for NHL scores.

10 Sources for NHL Hockey Scores

These resources are in no particular order and may included some resources that you may have not considered.  Looking for NHL scores?  The Hockey Fanatic has you covered.

  1. Google – in 2010, Google partnered with the National Hockey Leagues’s NHL.com to get real time hockey scores on Google.  Referred to as an “enhanced search result”, you can search for “nhl scores” in Google or your favorite team while the teams are on the ice.  Google has experimented with these results and you may notice real-time scores, schedules and team standings plus easy access to game previews, live streams, recaps and video highlights.  A great source for checking NHL hockey scores.   Results will look something like this:NHL Hockey Scores
  2. TSN Hockey App – TSN (The Sports Network) here in Canada does a pretty good job with their app.  It would be nice to be able to better scroll past scores a little easier (by way of a calendar) but the App list the scores from the games as they happen.  Not entirely real-time, but pretty darn close.  Another great source for hockey fans looking to check NHL hockey scores.  Available for iPads and iPhones from the Apple Store.TSN Hockey App
  3. The Score Sports App – another great source for not only NHL hockey scores, but for sports scores in general is the Score App.  Available from both the Google Play Store and the iTunes store.  One quick download and away you go.
  4. ESPN NHL Scoreboard – ahh another great destination for hockey fans should be the ESPN NHL scoreboard.  Available at: http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/scoreboard Not only will you get the scores but you will also get the channels that the specific games are being televised on.  If you are on your phone or a tablet or on your laptop, you can visit the site and keep up to date on the latest NHL scores for your favorite teams. ESPN Nhl Scoreboard
  5. NHL.com – of course you can go to the source of the action and visit nhl.com for scores stats and highlights of all 30 NHL teams.  Missed the scores from last nights action?  No problem, at NHL.com you can go back and check out yesterday’s scored as well as see highlights and images.  NHL.com Scores
  6. The full TSN.ca website – of course if for whatever reason you do not have the TSN app, you can go to the full version of the site and check NHL scores at your leisure.  Search the calendar or use the scroll bar to see scores for previous games.  http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/scores.  Full boxscores available as well. TSN Hockey Scores
  7. @NHL_Updates on Twitter – there is no better source for real-time information than Twitter.  One of the more informative twitter accounts (and there are a ton of them, including our very own @hockeyfanatics) is NHL Updates.  Get the latest news including NHL scores on Twitter. NHL Updates on Twitter
  8. @NHL – of course if you want NHL scores and everything NHL then you can visit: https://twitter.com/nhl.  NHL on Twitter
  9. Yahoo Canada Sports – of course the US version will probably work as well, but with Yahoo Canada Sports, you can search for “NHL scores” and you can get scores from today or the previous day or check out the schedule to see who is playing tomorrow.  Visit the Yahoo NHL Scoreboard here: https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/scoreboard/.Yahoo NHL Scoreboard
  10. Fox Sports NHL Scores – for our friends south of the border in the US, Fox Sports is a great source for sports information including scores and news.  Looking for a quick recap oa full boxscore, then try the “Big Board” on FOX Sports NHL Scores.  Search by date or select a day from the calendar.  Available at: http://www.foxsports.com/nhl/scores Fox Sports NHL Scores

There you have it hockey fans, a variety of sources to check NHL scores.  Drop us a line if you have a favorite site or App to check NHL scores and we may include it in an updated post in the future.