2015 NHL Free Agents

Now that the Stanley Cup Champion has been crowned, there are 29 other NHL clubs who are looking to re-tool in an attempt to become the next Chicago Blackhawks.  Many say that this free agent pool is weak this year, but are there some surprises to be had in this years free agent pickings?

Top NHL UFAs (Unrestricted Free Agents)

Here are a look at five NHL free agents that NHL teams should consider (providing they can afford to sign them):

  1. Mike Green – currently with the Washington Capitals.  This guy is still a solid D-man and can put up the points in the right environment.  Teams he might fit:  Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals, San Jose Sharks, Edmonton Oilers.
  2. Mike Fischer – currently with Nashville Predators.  A great player who can put up some nice points.  We do not expect Mike to leave Nashville (he is married to country crooner Carrie Underwood) but there are teams that could use his services: Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators, Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes.
  3. Antti Niemi – Currently with the San Jose Sharks.  Everyone seems to be on the fence with this guy.  While he can have the odd bad game, he has played well for the Sharks and is worth taking a look at.  Teams he might fit:  Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars.
  4. Blake Comeau – played last season with Pittsburgh Penguins.  A dark-horse free agent who had a solid season with the Pens.  He was flying prior to a minor injury which put him on there sidelines for a bit. He earned roughly $700K last season so he could be an affordable pickup for teams in need.  Teams he might fit:  Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning.
  5. Drew Stafford – played the past season in Buffalo and Winnipeg.  Could be a little pricey but he can put up some decent numbers and was a great addition for the Jets during their late season surge.  Teams he might fit: Winnipeg Jets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers.

Top NHL RFAs (Restricted Free Agents)

Here are a look at five NHL restricted free agents that NHL teams should consider pursuing (providing they can afford to sign them or serve up an offer sheet):

  1. Derek Stepan – played with the Rangers.  He could be a little pricey but he has a number of good years ahead of him.  Teams he might fit:  New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres.
  2. Justin Schultz – played last season with the Oilers.  Lots of offensive potential here, I just think that the Oilers have not been able to pair him with the right partner.  That could change this year.  However there are a few teams that Justin would be a great fit on.  Teams he might fit: Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, an Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Penguins.
  3. Adam Larsson – played with New Jersey Devils.  A high draft pick that seems not to have fit in well with the New Jersey Devils.  Still he’s too young to give up on yet.  Team he might fit:  Detroit RedWings, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leafs.
  4. Dougie Hamilton – currently with the Boston Bruins.  This guy is going to be good so the Bruins would be wise to lock him up for a few years.   But can they afford him?  Teams he might fit:  Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks.
  5. Mark Stone – currently with the Ottawa Senators.  What a clutch player down the stretch for the Senators.  Played some great hockey during the last half of the season.  Teams he might fit: Tampa Bay Lightning, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators.

With that here is a look at this year’s unrestricted free agents.  See you on July 1 hockey fans.

2015 NHL Free Agents

Player Team Pos Status 2014-15 Salary
Green, Mike WAS D UFA 6,250,000
Martin, Paul PIT D UFA 5,000,000
St Louis, Martin NYR RW UFA 5,000,000
Gonchar, Sergei MON D UFA 4,600,000
Fleischmann, Tomas ANA C UFA 4,500,000
Fisher, Mike NAS C UFA 4,200,000
Meszaros, Andrej BUF D UFA 4,125,000
Briere, Danny COL C UFA 4,000,000
Cole, Erik DET LW UFA 4,000,000
Cullen, Matt NAS C UFA 4,000,000
Ehrhoff, Christian PIT D UFA 4,000,000
Niemi, Antti SJ G UFA 4,000,000
Stafford, Drew WIN RW UFA 4,000,000
Vermette, Antoine CHI C UFA 3,750,000
Allen, Bryan MON D UFA 3,500,000
Beauchemin, Francois ANA D UFA 3,500,000
Ryder, Michael NJ RW UFA 3,500,000
Souray, Sheldon ANA D UFA 3,500,000
Upshall, Scottie FLA LW UFA 3,500,000
Fasth, Viktor EDM G UFA 3,400,000
Peverley, Rich DAL C UFA 3,375,000
Franson, Cody NAS D UFA 3,300,000
Frolik, Michael WIN RW UFA 3,300,000
Hejda, Jan COL D UFA 3,250,000
Jackman, Barret STL D UFA 3,250,000
Salvador, Bryce NJ D UFA 3,250,000
Stoll, Jarret LA C UFA 3,250,000
Williams, Justin LA RW UFA 3,050,000
Brodziak, Kyle MIN C UFA 3,000,000
Horcoff, Shawn DAL C UFA 3,000,000
Regehr, Robyn LA D UFA 3,000,000
Ward, Joel WAS RW UFA 3,000,000
Tlusty, Jiri WIN C UFA 2,950,000
Ramo, Karri CGY G UFA 2,900,000
Kopecky, Tomas FLA RW UFA 2,850,000
Oduya, Johnny CHI D UFA 2,825,000
Bergenheim, Sean MIN LW UFA 2,750,000
Brewer, Eric TOR D UFA 2,742,500
Neuvirth, Michal NYI G UFA 2,600,000
Glencross, Curtis WAS LW UFA 2,500,000
Jokinen, Olli STL C UFA 2,500,000
Wilson, Ryan COL D UFA 2,375,000
Kennedy, Tyler NYI C UFA 2,350,000
Erat, Martin PHO LW UFA 2,250,000
Harding, Josh MIN G UFA 2,100,000
Stewart, Chris MIN RW UFA 2,100,000
Ballard, Keith MIN D UFA 2,000,000
Erskine, John WAS D UFA 2,000,000
Michalek, Zbynek STL D UFA 2,000,000
Richards, Brad CHI C UFA 2,000,000
Zidlicky, Marek DET D UFA 2,000,000
Gustavsson, Jonas DET G UFA 1,850,000
Matthias, Shawn VAN C UFA 1,850,000
McQuaid, Adam BOS D UFA 1,800,000
Leopold, Jordan MIN D UFA 1,750,000
Rozsival, Michal CHI D UFA 1,750,000
Sekera, Andrej LA D UFA 1,750,000
Weaver, Mike MON D UFA 1,750,000
Campbell, Gregory BOS C UFA 1,700,000
Fehr, Eric WAS RW UFA 1,600,000
Slater, Jim WIN C UFA 1,600,000
Morrow, Brenden TB LW UFA 1,550,000
Carkner, Matt NYI D UFA 1,500,000
Cleary, Dan DET LW UFA 1,500,000
Havlat, Martin NJ RW UFA 1,500,000
Santorelli, Michael NAS C UFA 1,500,000
Beleskey, Matt ANA LW UFA 1,400,000
Budaj, Peter WIN G UFA 1,400,000
Condra, Erik OTT RW UFA 1,300,000
Letestu, Mark CLB C UFA 1,300,000
Paille, Daniel BOS LW UFA 1,300,000
Schlemko, David CGY D UFA 1,275,000
Bartkowski, Matt BOS D UFA 1,250,000
Enroth, Jhonas DAL G UFA 1,250,000
Kaleta, Patrick BUF RW UFA 1,250,000
Goc, Marcel STL C UFA 1,200,000
Lapierre, Maxim PIT C UFA 1,200,000
Sheppard, James NYR C UFA 1,200,000
Crombeen, B.J. PHO RW UFA 1,150,000
Richardson, Brad VAN RW UFA 1,150,000
Booth, David TOR LW UFA 1,100,000
Irwin, Matt SJ D UFA 1,100,000
Beagle, Jay WAS RW UFA 1,000,000
Downie, Steve PIT RW UFA 1,000,000
Ellis, Dan FLA G UFA 1,000,000
Emery, Ray PHI G UFA 1,000,000
Greiss, Thomas PIT G UFA 1,000,000
Hannan, Scott SJ D UFA 1,000,000
Heatley, Dany FLA RW UFA 1,000,000
Joensuu, Jesse EDM LW UFA 1,000,000
Roy, Derek EDM C UFA 1,000,000
Soderberg, Carl BOS C UFA 1,000,000
Volchenkov, Anton NAS D UFA 1,000,000
Lindback, Anders BUF G UFA 925,000
Orr, Colton TOR RW UFA 925,000
Dwyer, Patrick CAR RW UFA 900,000
Stempniak, Lee WIN RW UFA 900,000
Holzer, Korbinian ANA D UFA 850,000
Malhotra, Manny MON C UFA 850,000
Sestito, Tommy VAN LW UFA 850,000
Benoit, Andre BUF D UFA 800,000
Dubnyk, Devan MIN G UFA 800,000
Harrold, Peter NJ D UFA 800,000
Johnson, Aaron OTT D UFA 800,000
Moss, David PHO RW UFA 800,000
Desjardins, Andrew CHI C UFA 750,000
Labarbera, Jason ANA G UFA 750,000
McGrattan, Brian CGY RW UFA 750,000
Setoguchi, Devin CGY RW UFA 750,000
Skille, Jack CLB RW UFA 750,000
Carter, Ryan MIN LW UFA 725,000
Halischuk, Matt WIN RW UFA 725,000
Carey, Paul BOS C UFA 715,000
Adams, Craig PIT RW UFA 700,000
Comeau, Blake PIT LW UFA 700,000
Diaz, Raphael CGY D UFA 700,000
Hillen III, Jack CAR D UFA 700,000
Leggio, David PHO G UFA 700,000
Malone, Ryan NYR RW UFA 700,000
Mclaren, Frazer TOR LW UFA 700,000
Mullen, Patrick OTT D UFA 700,000
Pardy, Adam WIN D UFA 700,000
Porter, Chris STL C UFA 700,000
Potter, Corey CGY D UFA 700,000
Prosser, Nate MIN D UFA 700,000
Scott, John SJ LW UFA 700,000
Acton, Will VAN LW UFA 680,000
Mcdonald, Colin NYI RW UFA 675,000
Mouillierat, Kael NYI C UFA 675,000
Rosehill, Jay PHI RW UFA 675,000
Angelidis, Michael TB C UFA 650,000
Boulton, Eric NYI LW UFA 650,000
Butler, Chris STL D UFA 650,000
Drewiske, Davis MON D UFA 650,000
Eaves, Patrick DAL RW UFA 650,000
Fraser, Colin X STL C UFA 650,000
Gervais, Bruno COL D UFA 650,000
Kostka, Michael NYR D UFA 650,000
O’Brien, Shane FLA D UFA 650,000
Samson, Jerome TB RW UFA 650,000
Strachan, Tyson BUF D UFA 650,000
Winnik, Daniel PIT C UFA 650,000
Zolnierczyk, Harry NYI LW UFA 650,000
Colaiacovo, Carlo PHI D UFA 625,000
Bachman, Richard EDM G UFA 615,000
Stollery, Karl SJ D UFA 605,000
Bellemore, Brett CAR D UFA 600,000
Bernier, Steve NJ RW UFA 600,000
Bickel, Stu MIN RW UFA 600,000
Biega, Alex VAN D UFA 600,000
Blunden, Michael TB RW UFA 600,000
Bodie, Troy TOR LW UFA 600,000
Bourque, Christopher NYR LW UFA 600,000
Butler, Bobby FLA RW UFA 600,000
Clemmensen, Scott NJ G UFA 600,000
Crabb, Joey NYR RW UFA 600,000
Cracknell, Adam STL RW UFA 600,000
Craig, Ryan CLB C UFA 600,000
Cumiskey, Kyle CHI D UFA 600,000
Gagne, Simon BOS LW UFA 600,000
Haley, Micheal SJ C UFA 600,000
Holmstrom, Ben CAR C UFA 600,000
Hunwick, Matt NYR D UFA 600,000
Jeffrey, Dustin NYI LW UFA 600,000
Jones, Blair PHI C UFA 600,000
McCarthy, John STL LW UFA 600,000
McElhinney, Curtis CLB G UFA 600,000
Miele, Andy DET C UFA 600,000
Mueller, Chris NYR C UFA 600,000
O’Reilly, Cal VAN C UFA 600,000
Porter, Kevin DET LW UFA 600,000
Rechlicz, Joel MIN RW UFA 600,000
Robins, Bobby BOS C UFA 600,000
Sanguinetti, Bobby VAN D UFA 600,000
Volpatti, Aaron WAS LW UFA 600,000
Zanon, Greg FLA D UFA 600,000
Zepp, Rob PHI G UFA 600,000
Abbott, Spencer CHI LW UFA 575,000
Curry, John MIN G UFA 575,000
Fedun, Taylor SJ D UFA 575,000
Janssen, Cam NJ RW UFA 575,000
Lerg, Bryan SJ LW UFA 575,000
O’Neill, Will WIN D UFA 575,000
Sestito, Tim NJ C UFA 575,000
Stortini, Zachery PHI RW UFA 575,000
Vande Velde, Chris PHI C UFA 575,000
Veilleux, Stephane MIN LW UFA 575,000
White, Ryan PHI RW UFA 575,000
Bagnall, Drew BUF D UFA 550,000
Bass, Cody CHI C UFA 550,000
Campbell, Andrew PHO D UFA 550,000
Cannone, Pat STL C UFA 550,000
Carcillo, Daniel CHI LW UFA 550,000
Chorney, Taylor PIT D UFA 550,000
Conner, Chris WAS RW UFA 550,000
Corrente, Matthew TB D UFA 550,000
Cote, Jean-Phillippe TB D UFA 550,000
Drazenovic, Nicholas PIT C UFA 550,000
Ebbett, Andrew PIT C UFA 550,000
Ellis, Matt BUF LW UFA 550,000
Fraser, Mark NJ D UFA 550,000
Gomez, Scott NJ C UFA 550,000
Henderson, Kevin NAS LW UFA 550,000
Hodgman, Justin PHO C UFA 550,000
Labrie, Pierre-Cedric CHI LW UFA 550,000
Landry, Jon WAS D UFA 550,000
Leighton, Michael CHI G UFA 550,000
Letourneau-Leblond, Pierre-Luc PIT LW UFA 550,000
Louis, Mark NYI D UFA 550,000
McBain, Jamie LA D UFA 550,000
McKenna, Mike PHO G UFA 550,000
Moore, Mike WAS D UFA 550,000
Newbury, Kris WAS C UFA 550,000
Piskula, Joe NAS D UFA 550,000
Reese, Dylan PHO D UFA 550,000
Sill, Zach TOR C UFA 550,000
Smith, Trevor TOR C UFA 550,000
St Denis, Frederic CLB D UFA 550,000
Thiessen, Brad CGY G UFA 550,000
Van Der Gulik, David LA RW UFA 550,000
Welsh, Jeremy STL LW UFA 550,000
Whitney, Joe NJ LW UFA 550,000
Zajac, Darcy NJ RW UFA 550,000