Top 30 NHL Jerseys 2014-15

A while back, the Hockey Fanatic posted a list of the top 50 all-time NHL jerseys.  We welcome feedback as we will be completing an updated list in the near future.  For now we thought that we would take a look at the Top 30 NHL jerseys that exist in the NHL today.  What makes a great jersey?  Well there are four components of a great NHL hockey jersey:

  1. A great logo
  2. A great color scheme
  3. Great trim and piping
  4. Cool secondary logos

With that let’s take a look and see which jerseys the Hockey Fanatic has rated as the top NHL jerseys for 2015.  If you are interested in picking up an NHL jersey of your favorite NHL player, be sure to check out


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Top 30 NHL Jerseys for 2015

There are some great jerseys in the NHL from the classic original six team jerseys to some of the more modern expansion era team jerseys.  Compiling this list was no easy task.  Have a favorite jersey?  Let us know and we will see if it makes our list next year.

  1.  Chicago Blackhawks red home jersey – this jersey used to be their away jersey and is now the home jersey.  While some may question the logo in this day and age, it is a great look and the color scheme goes well together. chicago-blackhawks-red-jersey
  2. Montreal Candiens bleu, blanc et rouge – the classic jersey from Les Canadiens.  Another original six master piece.  How many kids in Canada have had a Habs jersey over the years?  It truly is a classic. Canadiens Home Jersey
  3. Dallas Stars – modern era master piece – when the Stars unveiled their new color scheme and jerseys last season almost everyone had something positive to say about them.  Love the green and the new logo. Dallas Stars 2015 NHL Jersey
  4. Boston Bruins home jersey – again another classic from an original six franchise.  The Big Bad Bruins still look pretty menacing in this jersey as they take to the ice for their home games. boston-bruins-jersey black
  5. San Jose Sharks third jersey – black looks sharp on any NHL team jersey.  With their classic Shark logo and teal and white piping the Sharks black third jersey is one of the best in the League.San JoseSharks Third Jersey
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs third jersey – new for this season is the Leafs third jersey which is a slight alteration of their existing blue home jersey.  With a slightly altered maple leaf and different font, this jersey is bound to be a hit with Leafs Nation. Leafs Third Jersey
  7. Winnipeg Jets home jersey – we almost prefer the white road jersey for the Jets, but they have a great sweater with one of the coolest logos in the league.  We thought that we would miss the original Jets jersey (which by the way would make a great third jersey) but these new era Jets jerseys are quite sharp. Winnipeg Jets Home Jersey
  8. Calgary Flames home jersey – with a name like the “Flames” there is a lot that you can do with in terms of jersey design, yet the Flames have kept in simple and the result is a classic logo with a modern look and feel with the black and red. We also think the Alberta flag is a nice touch to the shoulder patch.  A Canadian flag on one side and an Alberta on the other.  Great design.Calgary Flames Home Jersey
  9. Detroit Red Wings – another classic.  We actually like the white away jersey almost as much as the home red jersey so it was difficult to pick which one to include in our list. Detroit Red Wings Jersey
  10. Edmonton Oilers classic white away jersey – for me this was the classic Oilers home jersey in the 80’s when the team was the best team in hockey.  The bright white with the popping orange and blue piping is a great look. Edmonton Oilers White Jersey
  11. St. Louis Blues third jersey – a modified logo to a classic 1967 expansion era jersey. St. Louis Blues Third Jersey
  12. Philadelphia Flyers away jersey – the classic look with a great logo and simple piping.  The orange black is a nice combination.  The white makes this pop even further.  Flyers Away Jersey
  13. New Jersey Devils home jersey – we preferred the green accents to the original, but the Devils have a great logo with a nice red and black color combination. New Jersey Devils Home Jersey
  14. Tampa Bay Lightning road jersey – a great nickname deserves a great logo.  Our only complaint is that the Lightning should include more lightning bolts as their piping like they have in previous jerseys. Regardless we still think that the Lightning’s white road jersey is pretty cool with a classic look to it. Tampa Bay Lightning Road Jersey
  15. Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey – the black simply makes these jerseys pop with a very cool logo for another 1967 expansion era team. Pens Home Jersey
  16. Nashville Predators home jersey – cool logo and guitar picks for a secondary logo make this one a modern era beauty. nashville-predators-yellow-jersey
  17. Anaheim Ducks third jersey – a nice addition the red was to accent the rest of the jersey. Ducks Third Jersey
  18. Buffalo Sabres home jersey – we always liked the logo and the blue and yellow just pop. Buffalo Sabres Home Jersey
  19. Ottawa Senators home jersey – the Sens have hada number of cool sweaters over the years.  This year’s edition of their home jersey is no exception. Sens Home Jersey
  20. Los Angeles Kings home jersey – the Stanley Cup champs look great in their black home jerseys.  Again black goes with anything doesn’t it? Los Angeles Kings Home Jersey
  21. San Jose Sharks home jersey – the teal with white is just a great look again with the classic Sharks logo.  The Sharks become the first team with two entries in our top 30 for 2015. San Jose Sharks Home Jersey
  22. Edmonton Oilers home jersey – the classic orange, blue and white.  The Dynasty years are long gone, but this is a classic jersey that continues to sell well.  Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey
  23. Florida Panthers Home Jersey – a nice logo and color combination for the Sunshine State. Panthers Home Jersey
  24. Arizona Coyotes Home Jersey – simple with a classic look. The white away jersey is also quite sharp for the Desert Dogs.Arizona Coyotes Red Jersey
  25. New York Rangers home jersey – the last of the original six jerseys to make our list.  The classic R-A-N-G-E-R-S along the front with the red, white and blue color combination. New York Rangers Home Jersey
  26. Washington Capitals Away Jersey – love the Caps original logo and colors. Washington Capitals Away Jersey
  27. Vancouver Canucks Home Jersey – quite honestly we wish the Canucks would go back to the black design of the 80’s.  Canucks Home Jersey
  28. Carolina Hurricanes Away Jersey – they simplified their previous design otherwise this jersey would have been a few spots higher. Hurricanes Away Jersey
  29. The Toronto Maple Leafs Away Jersey – the bright white Leafs jersey is a classic. Toronto Maple Leafs Away Jersey
  30. Minnesota Wild Away Jersey – we love this logo which pops nicely on the white background. Monnesota Wild Away Jersey

Of course you may disagree with some of our selections, drop us a line on Twitter @hockeyfanatics and explain why you think your teams jersey should have made the list or why some of our selections should not have made the list.