Day 50 of the NHL Lockout – Fans Thoughts

NHL LockoutAs we approach day fifty of the NHL lockout, how are the views of the fans changing?  With the Winter Classic cancelled this past week, it looks as though a deal getting done soon is highly unlikely.  Longtime hockey fans in Carolina have been demanding their season ticket money back, youthful stars of the Edmonton Oilers are honing their skills in the AHL with the Oklahoma City Barons and a number of arena and staffers of NHL clubs are without jobs.  We are nearing two months of the lockout with one month of missed game play and I’m starting to think that a number of fans really are not missing anything.  True fans cheer for their teams not really for the player.  Yes we all have our favorites but when it comes down to it, it is the team that has our heart not the players.  Players come and go.  So what are hockey fans thinking as we enter day 50 of the NHL lockout?

More Fan Thoughts

As the lock out progresses here is what some of the fans are commenting (source TSN):

theprice is right
The ball is in the unions court….let’s see if they will continue with their greedy ways or finally decide to apply some common sense to these negotiations.

I find humour with fehr saying that the season could have gone ahead while they bargained. didn’t MLB try that in 1994? NHL drives to irrelevance and they don’t even see it.

For those saying that the owners haven’t made any concessions, go follow the link in the last McKenzie tweet. Fehr wanted increase revenue sharing by the owners, he got it. He wanted the elimination of re-entry waiver, he got that too. Wanted trade player salary and cap charges in trades, Fehr got that too.

to all you people suggesting that they make a new league, do you have any idea how difficult that would be? It’s simply not gonna happen. Most of you are also complaining about the watered down talent level of the NHL as well. How much more do watered down will it be if there are 2 hockey league. Stop suggesting foolish ideas and realize you will be back watching the NHL just like I will.

This better be the lockout to end all lockouts!

One of our favorites:

It’s so true, there are no more hockey heroes, they used to be so passionate about the game, so gritty but now it’s just a bunch of loud mouth couldn’t get a job otherwise goons. What usually happens to those players that retire early either because due to injury or lost the competitiveness to compete, where do they end up, honestly, some get ok jobs, maybe a commentator and making how much? the others you never usually hear about them again… but the players today act like they are owed the world and I hope the fans show some restraint at least for a few games when they return by not showing up to games, not buying merchandise, who them they can’t do this again in another 7 years…

Call us when you finally settle. Otherwise we aren’t interested. Cancel the entire season. Maybe we will see you October 2013.

what’s worse? no hockey in general, or finding out just how oily all these people are?

NHL has offered more than they should. No business on the planet can survive long term with over 50% of revenues going to salaries. Owners are offfering 50% to players PLUS they have to pay all coaches; arena staff; doctors; therapists; travel; accommodations; player meals; and the list goes on and on. The average player makes over 2 million per year and these kids are still not happy? Give your head a shake NHLPA…. Disgusting.

The reality from a player perpective is the lockout is basically to argue the points that benefit the elite players as they are the most affected by percentage reductions and long term contracts. Its all about saving face now … the players just want back to work and the owners know it.

For me there are no more heroes in sports. Tiger fell, I stopped watching the NBA after last season’s strike and I have just about totally lost interest in the NHL. I haven’t enjoyed the last few seasons with the ridiculous politics, questionable decisions and general lack of respect in every aspect of the game. For me its across the board in all major sports. I just finished watching *61 and I all I could think about was how nice it would have been to live the glory days of sports, when it mattered and we didn’t all live under the cloud of steroid suspicion and constant work stoppages.

There you have it just a few opinions from hockey fans as we approach month number two of the NHL lockout.  The whole thing is pretty comical and really could have easily been avoided.  It is too bad the fans are the only ones who see this.