NHL Lockout is Coming, So Is a Beer Lockout

Hockey fans are yet again getting the shaft.  Billionaire owners are looking to secure more profits, millionaire hockey players are looking to retain their wealth and 57% of hockey related revenue, yet the hockey fans continue to earn an honest days pay for in most cases some really hard, time consuming, unappreciated work.  Well there is a new initiative taking place called the beer lockout 2012.  #BeerLockout


The idea is this.  Hockey fans can take a stand by signing a pledge to consume no beer while there is an NHL lockout.

This is not to harm the profits of our favourite breweries, but instead it is to show that the fans of the NHL are fed up with the league’s shenanigans and we will unite together with a common goal: We Want Hockey!

Join the Beer Lockout by signing the pledge.

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Just once wouldn’t it be great for the voice of the hockey fan to be heard?