2012 NHL Trade Deadline: 12 Players Who Should Be Traded but Won’t

Hockey fans look forward to four days of the hockey season:

  • NHL draft day in June
  • starting date of the season in October
  • start of the NHL playoffs in April
  • trade deadline day

The 2012 NHL trade deadline is set for Monday, February 27th.  As usual there are a lot of rumors as to whom should be traded and who in fact will be traded as media and hockey fans turn into general managers.  In recent years we have seen a lack of blockbuster trade deals.  We have seen a lack of those classic three-way deals.  In fact, as the collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and the NHLPA is set to expire in September, will teams  be less active at the trade deadline?  That remains to be seen, but we at The Hockey Fanatic have outlined twelve players who should be in new uniforms after the trade deadline, but probably won’t.

2012 NHL Trade Deadline:  12 Players Who Should Be Traded but Won’t

  1. Ryan Miller – Buffalo Sabres – it has been a year to forget for Miller.  From concussions to poor play, the 31 year old goaltender of the Sabres is not the same goalie from a couple of years back where Miller was a wall.  With a cap hit of $6.25 million, Miller’s salary may not be that easy to trade.  Add in the fact that Miller said that he does not want to leave Buffalo and a potential deal involving Miller may be dead in its tracks.  With Miller’s wife being actress Noureen DeWulf, Miller might be eyeing California as a destination.  Potential trade destination:  Anaheim Ducks.
  2. Shawn Horcoff – Edmonton Oilers – the Oilers captain has secured one of the most ridiculous deals in hockey history thanks to Kevin Lowe.  Horcoff has been one of the leagues worst minus players in recent years, yet earns $5.5 million per year.  Horcoff’s best years are behind him.  He had 73 points in th 2005-2006 season but hasn’t reached 40 in the past three and a half seasons.  His faceoff percentage has also declined.  Horcoff should be traded from the Oilers but won’t because of his ridiculous salary.  Ryan Smyth should be the rightful captain of the Oilers, but until Horcoff moves on or gives up the “C” the Oilers will be stuck with “stone-hands” Horcoff.  Potential trade destination:  Toronto Maple Leafs.
  3. Rick Nash – Columbus Blue Jackets – lots of rumors on Rick Nash.  This might be the one player on our lists that we could be wrong about.  Lots of interest in Rick Nash, and quite honestly the Jackets owe it to Nash to trade him to a contender but with only a few days left before the 2012 NHL trade deadline, we just can’t see Nash moving.  It wil take a small fortune to land Nash and teams would have to drop salary to acquire the winger.  A trade is coming, just not by the trade deadline.  Perhaps around draft day is more realistic.  Potential trade destination:  Toronto Maple Leafs.
  4. Scott Gomez – Montreal Canadiens – what has happened to Scott Gomez?  Another example of a player who signed a large salary and has yet to perform up to expectations.  With a salary hit of $7.3 million, there won’t be many takers.  The man definitely needs a change of scenery.  Possible trade destination:  New York Islanders.
  5. Roberto Luongo – Vancouver Canucks – Bobby Lou gets no respect in Vancouver.  The time is now for the Canucks.  They should have won the Stanley Cup over Boston last year and with Cory Schneider ready and waiting for a starting gig, it might be time for a change of scenery for Roberto Luongo.  It is highly unlikely that the Canucks will trade Luongo this season, but the question needs to be asked.  Should the Vancouve Canucks trade Roberto Luongo?  Possible trade destination:  Edmonton Oilers.  This trade would never happens as the Oilers and Canucks rarely make deals (as they are in the same division), but this could be a great deal for both teams depending on the pieces involved.
  6. Dustin Byfuglien – Winnipeg Jets – Big Buff is highly sought after by a number of teams.  The question is do these teams have enough to offer the Jets to make this deal work?  With the Jets pushing hard for a playoff spot, changing the chemistry of the team may not be what the doctor orders.  Possible trade destination:  Edmonton Oilers.

  7. Alexander Semin – Washington Capitals – a fairly hefty cap hit at $6.7 million with pending UFA status for next season.   The Capitals should think of moving this player who could generate a good return.  Possible trade destination:  Los Angeles Kings.

  8. Dustin Penner – Los Angeles Kings – wow another player that makes you scratch your head.  This guy has got the size and at times the hands to be a dominant power forward in the game.  You just have to wonder if his head is still in the game?  Possible trade destination:  Montreal Canadiens.
  9. Shea Weber – Nashville Predators – we just can’t see Weber sticking around in Smashville.  He signed a one year deal after going to arbitration.  There are a lot of teams that could use his services, but not many that can afford them.  Weber belongs in the western conference not in the East where his skills will waste away.  The Edmonton Oilers could sure use Weber, but we feel that Weber’s services might be a great fit with another western team.  Possible trade destination:  Vancouver Canucks.
  10. Jarome Iginla – Calgary Flames – the Flames chances of winning a Cup are decreasing every year.  They play hard for certain portions of the season and don’t have a lot of depth.  If IGGY wants to win a cup he should start courting suitors.  Possible trade destination:  Tampa Bay Lightning.
  11. Tim Thomas – Boston Bruins – goalies are flaky and Thomas has shown to be as flaky as they get this year.    His time as the leagues best goaltender was last year.  He would be a good fit for a team in need of a veteran goalie to work with there young tenders.  Possible trade destination:  Chicago Blackhawks.

  12. Shane Doan – Phoenix Coyotes – the last remaining original Winnipeg Jet is still with the franchise.  Doan has served his time and should be dealt to a contender in search of a Stanley Cup.  Possible trade destination:  Washington Capitals.