Welcome to The Hockey Fanatic

Welcome to The Hockey Fanatic.  This site was created by hockey fans for hockey fans.  Hockey means so much to so many people.  As creator of the site I wanted to create an environment where I could not only share my opinions and favorite aspects of the game, but allow you the site visitor to share your thoughts and experiences as well.

At thehockeyfanatic.com we will discuss latest developments in the world of hockey.  We will talk about items such as:

  • our favorite teams
  • favorite players
  • what irks us about the game
  • tips for hockey parents
  • hockey equipment
  • how the game has changed
  • how the game can grow
  • what it means to be a diehard hockey

If you are interested in guest blogging or advertising on thehockeyfanatic.com drop us a line at thehockeyfanatics@gmail.com.

Hockey Rink
For anyone who has ever laced up a pair of skates, played the game of hockey, and is just a fan of the sport,  this site is for you.  Hockey fans are like no other.  Hockey fans are not only passionate but are:

Hockey lovers





Young and old





Welcome to the show hockey fans.