Hockey Day In Canada FAQs

Saturday, January 21, 2023 marks the twenty-third “Hockey Day” in Canada. This year’s annual hockey day in Canada will be broadcast out of Owen Sound, Ontario, the sixth time an Ontario town has hosted the event. Hockey Day in Canada was started by CBC in 2000 to celebrate the game of hockey in Canada. The idea of Hockey Day in Canada stemmed from a few original contributors including John Shannon the former executive producer at “Hockey Night” and Hockey Night in Canada.

Hockey Day in Canada FAQs

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What is Hockey Day in Canada?

Hockey Day in Canada was started by the CBC to celebrate the game of hockey in Canada. CBC decided to host the day in smaller, hockey-minded communities across the country with a triple header of NHL games to be shown across Canada. The broadcast includes live segments from the various communities typically with former NHLers from those communities assisting in hosting the events.

When is Hockey Day in Canada?

The date for Hockey tends to vary, but usually Hockey Day in Canada occurs in early February or late January. This year, Hockey Day in Canada happens on January 21, 2023.

When did Hockey Day in Canada start?

The first Hockey Day in Canada took place in 2000 in Toronto, Ontario.

Which towns and cities have hosted Hockey Day in Canada?

There have been 21 communities that have been the official host town of Hockey Day in Canada. These towns include:

    • 2000: Toronto, Ontario (February 19)
    • 2001: Red Deer, Alberta (February 24)
    • 2002: Windsor, Nova Scotia (January 5)
    • 2003: Iqaluit, Nunavut (February 15)
    • 2004: Shaunavon, Saskatchewan (February 21)
    • 2005: No broadcast, due to the 2004–05 NHL lockout
    • 2006: Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador (January 7)
    • 2007: Nelson, British Columbia (January 13)
    • 2008: Winkler, Manitoba (February 9)
    • 2009: Campbellton, New Brunswick (February 21)
    • 2010: Stratford, Ontario (January 30)
    • 2011: Whitehorse, Yukon (February 12)
    • 2012: Prince Edward Island (February 11)
    • 2013: Peterborough, Ontario (February 9)
    • 2014: Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan (January 18)
    • 2015: Halifax, Nova Scotia (February 14)
    • 2016: Kamloops, British Columbia (February 6)
    • 2017: Kenora, Ontario (February 18)
    • 2018: Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador (January 20)
    • 2019: Swift Current, Saskatchewan (February 9)
    • 2020: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (February 8)
    • 2021: Canada (February 13 – Not site-specific due to the pandemic)
    • 2022: Scarborough, Ontario (January 29)
    • 2023: Owen Sound, Ontario (January 21)

    Do the Canadian NHL teams play on Hockey Day in Canada?

    Yes, the NHL has done a great job at accommodating Hockey Day in Canada as each of the Canadian teams are typically in action on Hockey Day in Canada. Typically six of the Canadian-based NHL teams face off against each other and then the seventh team plays a US-opponent. This year the All-Canadian matchups include:

    • Tampa Bay Lightning at Calgary Flames (12:00 PST)
    • Winnipeg Jets at Ottawa Senators (4:00 PST)
    • Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens (4:00 PST)
    • Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks (7:00 PST)

    If I live in Owen Sound can I partake in Hockey Canada events?

    For sure! If you live in the Owen Sound region, there has already been a number of events in the community. Visit the Hockey Day Canada page on the website to learn more.

    Which Canadian NHL teams have had the most success on Hockey Day in Canada?

    Obvious not all teams have played as many games. The Winnipeg Jets 2.0 have only played in 11 games sporting an eight (wins) and three (losses) record. In terms of points and wins, the Vancouver Canucks support the best record with a 12-6-1-3 record good for twenty eight points. The Edmonton Oilers support the worst record with a 6-11-0-3 record good for 15 points. Here is a look at the Canadian team records on Hockey Day in Canada (up to 2023):

    Canadian NHL Team Records on Hockey Day in Canada

    TeamGames PlayedWinsLossesTiesOTLPoints
    Vancouver Canucks logoVancouver Canucks221261328
    Toronto Maple Leafs logoToronto Maple Leafs221180325
    Calgary Flames logo Calgary Flames221071425
    Montreal Canadiens logo Montreal Canadiens211180224
    Ottawa Senators logo Ottawa Senators2211100123
    Winnipeg Jets logo Winnipeg Jets11830016
    Edmonton Oilers logo Edmonton Oilers 206110315

    Where can I learn more about Hockey Day in Canada?

    To learn more about Hockey Day in Canada 2023, visit this Rogers Media Release.