NHL Leading Scorers: Resources & Stats

You know what’s great about the NHL these days?  The youth factor and the fact that there is so much young talent in the game today.  The NHL seems like a young persons spot these days does it not?  If you look at the top 50 leading point producers in the NHL as of today, the average age is 27.  Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers currently leads all NHLers in points and is 25.  Jason Robertson of the Dallas Stars is currently second in points but leads the NHL in goals is only 23.  If you remove Nikita Kucherov, Erik Karlsson and Sidney Crosby from the top 10 NHL scorers, the average age is 24.4 years old. Youth is King in today’s NHL.

The Top 50 NHL Players (based on Points) as of November 30, 2022

Here is a look at the current top NHL scorers and point producers as of November 30, 2022.

Overall NHL Stats
1Connor McDavidEDM25F22172239122
2Jason RobertsonDAL23F23191736813
3Nikita KucherovTBL29F2210253518-1
4Leon DraisaitlEDM27F22132033142
5David PastrnakBOS26F221418321610
6Erik KarlssonSJS32D251121328-1
7Sidney CrosbyPIT35F23121931141
8Mikko RantanenCOL26F20131629144
9Matthew TkachukFLA25F21101929395
10Tage ThompsonBUF25F22141428143
11Mitchell MarnerTOR25F247212884
12Nathan MacKinnonCOL27F2062228189
13Kirill KaprizovMIN25F2113142713-6
14Steven StamkosTBL32F22131427145
15Elias PetterssonVAN24F2311162745
16Jack HughesNJD21F23121426210
17John TavaresTOR32F24121426140
18Jack EichelVGK26F24111526015
19Auston MatthewsTOR25F24111526107
20Jamie BennDAL33F23101626168
21Jesper BrattNJD24F2381826413
22Kevin FialaLAK26F2571926160
23Mathew BarzalNYI25F2422426143
24William NylanderTOR26F2413122586
25Martin NecasCAR23F23111425100
26Nico HischierNJD23F22101525215
27Brady TkachukOTT23F219162532-7
28Sebastian AhoCAR25F239162516-1
29Artemi PanarinNYR31F236192512-9
30Adam FoxNYR24D236192585
31Josh MorrisseyWPG27D2152025198
32Bo HorvatVAN27F231772461
33Andrei SvechnikovCAR22F2314102414-3
34Nicholas SuzukiMTL23F2212122440
35Mika ZibanejadNYR29F2311132463
36J.T. MillerVAN29F2311132419-7
37Brayden PointTBL26F221014242-1
38Joe PavelskiDAL38F23101424216
39Troy TerryANA25F231014248-4
40Dylan LarkinDET26F219152489
41Rasmus DahlinBUF22D21816243210
42Roope HintzDAL26F2281624813
43Kevin HayesPHI30F238162411-8
44Alexander OvechkinWSH37F2413102316-12
45Timo MeierSJS26F251211236-1
46Brock NelsonNYI31F24111223106
47Ryan Nugent-HopkinsEDM29F229142310-3
48Andre BurakovskySEA27F229142310-4
49Tomas HertlSJS29F257162362
50Logan CoutureSJS33F25139229-9

Resources on NHL Leading Scorers

Looking for more information on the leading scorers in the NHL? Visit any of these resources:

  1. NHL.com Stats – look no further than the official site for the National Hockey League statistics. The NHL has done a great job in terms of how they share their stats.  You can find a breakdown of NHL player statistics based on season, team, skater-specific, defenseman-specific, goals, points, assists and more.  You can easily sort the stats by various metrics.  It’s really your one stop shop for finding information on the leading scorers of the NHL. https://www.nhl.com/stats/

2. Hockey Reference.com – looking for historical NHL scoring information.  Hockey Reference.com boast an extensive data base of NHL and WHA career leaders. The site has a great “search” experience and make it easy to share and export data.  Some of the great features of the site include:

  • Ability to search for individual players
  • Ability to access historical Team stats by season
  • Ability to access regular season and playoff stats by year
  • Ability to access stats by key metrics (goals, assists, points, etc)
  • Ability to see all-time records

They even display the top NHL scorers and point leaders right on their main Career Points page as seen here:

3. Quant Hockey – another great resource for finding the top NHL scoring leaders is over at Quant Hockey.  In fact if you visit their NHL Player Stats page, you will see a list of the top 50 NHL leading scorers with all of their stats and even which country they are from. While it’s a pretty simple website in terms of design the site features the ability to sort by season, regular season vs. playoffs and by position.  If you are looking for a quick rundown of the current NHL leading scorers, Quant Hockey is a great site to check out.

4. The Hockey Fanatic: NHL Team Stats – ok so we are a little biased here.  While we are a small operation here, we have compiled a list of team stats for all of the NHL teams.  Recently updated for 2022, you can find interesting facts about the teams and some all-time statistics for the various NHL franchises.  Check out our NHL Stats Teams pages for more information.

You have to remember the Hockey Fanatic.com is a hobby for us, so it’s not like we have huge content budgets and such.  However we do like to provide useful (and fun) hockey lists and resources for hockey fans, hockey parents and hockey poolies.

5. Hockey DB.com – if you can get past it’s dated look and feel, HockeyDB.com is also a solid resource for finding the top NHL scorers.  While simple in nature, they list the Top 25 points leaders for the NHL which can be accessed here.  https://www.hockeydb.com/ is a fun little site and resource.

Other notable resources for finding the NHL leading scorers include the following:

  • ESPN.com NHL Stats – https://www.espn.com/nhl/stats
  • TSN.com NHL Stats – https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/leaders
  • SportsNet.ca NHL Stats – https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/stats/
  • Yahoo! Sports NHL Stats – https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/stats/
  • Fox Sports NHL Stats – https://www.foxsports.com/nhl/stats

Of course as a hockey fan you probably have your go-to resource or app for all of your hockey stats, but there are a number of useful websites where you can access current information on the leading scorers and point getters in the NHL.