Ranking: NHL’s All-Time Players Based on Points Per Game %

One of the great stats of the game of hockey is points per game. Measured as a fixed number, Points-Per-Game (PPG) measures the average number of points the player scores per game. For example if you played one NHL game and had two points, your Points per Game would be 2.0. The Points-Per-Game calculation is a simple one, you take the player’s total points divided by the number of games played.

NHL Points Per Game FAQs

  • Did you know that over the course of 1,487 games, Wayne Gretzky averaged nearly two points per game over his career? He has the highest regular season points-per-game at 1.92.
  • Of the top 50 players to have the highest points-per-game, there are only two defensemen
    • Bobby Orr with 1.39 PPG, good for fifth all-time
    • Paul Coffey with 1.09 PPG good for thirty-first all-time
  • Of the top 50 players to have the highest points-per-game, there are nine players who are currently active in the NHL
  • The highest European-born NHLer in terms of points-per-game is Peter Stastny with 1.27
  • With 1.41 points-per-game, Connor McDavid is fourth all-time on the list

All-Time NHL Leaders in Points-per-Game

The following list consists of the top fifty NHL players with the highest regular season point-per-game averages. Playoff games are not included. List is as of February 2022.

NHL Regular Season Points Per Game Leaders

1Wayne GretzkyF1,4878941,9632,8575775201.921
2Mario LemieuxF9156901,0331,7238341141.883
3Mike BossyF7525735531,1262103801.497
4Connor McDavidF452219419638167721.412
5Bobby OrrD6572706459159535821.393
6Marcel DionneF1,3487311,0401,771600271.314
7Sidney CrosbyF1,0764998701,3697171951.272
8Peter StastnyF9774507891,239824-151.268
9Peter ForsbergF7082496368856902381.25
10Kent NilssonF553264422686116-251.241
11Phil EspositoF1,2827178731,5909102521.24
12Guy LafleurF1,1265607931,3533994461.202
13Joe SakicF1,3786251,0161,641614301.191
14Dale HawerchukF1,1885188911,409740-981.186
15Evgeni MalkinF9534296881,117986641.172
16Pat LafontaineF8654685451,013552-61.171
17Steve YzermanF1,5146921,0631,7559241841.159
18Eric LindrosF7603724938651,3982151.138
19Bernie FederkoF1,0003697611,130487-1311.13
20Denis SavardF1,1964738651,3381,3361031.119
21Jari KurriF1,2516017971,3985453041.118
22Bryan TrottierF1,2795249011,4259124491.114
23Gilbert PerreaultF1,1915128141,326500411.113
24Pavel BureF702437342779484421.11
25Jaromír JágrF1,7337661,1551,9211,1673221.108
26Alexander OvechkinF1,2457596211,380737881.108
27Artemi PanarinF4751783475251421141.105
28Bobby HullF1,0636105601,1706342491.101
29Brett HullF1,2697416501,391458231.096
30Leon DraisaitlF52423233957119091.09
31Paul CoffeyD1,4093961,1351,5311,8022981.087
32Jean BeliveauF1,1255077121,2191,0331171.084
33Mark MessierF1,7566941,1931,8871,9122111.075
34Bernie NichollsF1,1274757341,2091,292-391.073
35Mike RogersF484202317519184-511.072
36Nikita KucherovF5282273385652671261.07
37Adam OatesF1,3373411,0791,420415331.062
38Michel GouletF1,0895486051,153825991.059
39Bobby ClarkeF1,1443588521,2101,4535071.058
40Patrick KaneF1,0744167181,134402471.056
41Stan MikitaF1,3965419261,4671,2643291.051
42Gordie HoweF1,7678011,0491,8501,6851601.047
43Alexander MogilnyF9904735591,032432811.042
44Zigmund PalffyF684329384713322831.042
45Ron FrancisF1,7315491,2491,798977-181.039
46Steven StamkosF888461459920529611.036
47Tim KerrF655370304674596771.029
48Pierre TurgeonF1,2945158121,3274521391.026
49Darryl SittlerF1,0964846371,121948571.023
50Rick MartinF685384317701477141.023

*Players in bold are currently active players in the NHL.