List of Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees – 2016

Hockey Hall of FameThis weekend marks the start of the annual Hockey Hall of Fame ceremonies that will be taking place in Toronto, Ontario.  A well deserved induction for Pat Quinn and Sergei Makarov along with a somewhat surprising induction for Eric Lindros.  Goaltender Rogie Vachon rounds out the 2016 inductees.
Since 1945, the HHOF has been inducting players, coaches and builders into the hall of fame.  With the 2016 inductees, the Hockey Hall of Fame consists of 272 members including four women.  The first women were inducted in 2010 with Angela James and Cammi Granato being inducted.  Probably time for a new logo we would say.

Here is a complete list (as of 2016) of the Hockey Hall of Fame inductees.

List Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees

Of the existing inductees,:

  • 89.3% are Canadian
  • 13 are from the United States
  • Six are from Russia/Soviet Union
  • Four are from Sweden
  • Three are from Slovakia/Czach Republic/Czechoslovakia
  • One is from Finland (Jari Kurri)
  • One is from Australia
Year Name Position Nationality
1945 Hobey Baker F  United States
1945 Charlie Gardiner G  Canada/ Great Britain
1945 Eddie Gerard D–LW  Canada
1945 Frank McGee C–R  Canada
1945 Howie Morenz C  Canada
1945 Tommy Phillips LW–RW  Canada
1945 Harvey Pulford D  Canada
1945 Hod Stuart D  Canada
1945 Georges Vézina G  Canada
1947 Russell Bowie C–R  Canada
1947 Dit Clapper D–RW  Canada
1947 Aurèle Joliat LW  Canada
1947 Frank Nighbor C  Canada
1947 Lester Patrick D–G–R  Canada
1947 Eddie Shore D  Canada
1947 Cyclone Taylor C–D–R  Canada
1949 Dan Bain C  Canada
1949 Art Ross D  Canada
1950 Allan Davidson RW  Canada
1950 Graham Drinkwater D  Canada
1950 Mike Grant D  Canada
1950 Silas Griffis D–R  Canada/ United States
1950 Newsy Lalonde D–R  Canada
1950 Joe Malone C  Canada
1950 George Richardson D  Canada
1950 Harry Trihey C–R  Canada
1952 Dickie Boon D  Canada
1952 Bill Cook RW  Canada
1952 Moose Goheen D–LW  United States
1952 Moose Johnson D  Canada
1952 Mickey MacKay C–R  Canada
1952 Nels Stewart C  Canada
1958 Frank Boucher C  Canada
1958 King Clancy D  Canada
1958 Sprague Cleghorn D  Canada
1958 Alec Connell G  Canada
1958 Red Dutton D  Canada
1958 Frank Foyston C  Canada
1958 Frank Fredrickson C  Canada
1958 Herb Gardiner D  Canada
1958 George Hay LW  Canada
1958 Dick Irvin C  Canada
1958 Ching Johnson D  Canada
1958 Duke Keats C  Canada
1958 Hughie Lehman G  Canada
1958 George McNamara D  Canada
1958 Paddy Moran G  Canada
1959 Jack Adams C  Canada
1959 Cy Denneny LW  Canada
1959 Tiny Thompson G  Canada
1960 Buck Boucher D  Canada
1960 Sylvio Mantha D  Canada
1960 Jack Walker C–LW–R  Canada
1961 Syl Apps C  Canada
1961 Charlie Conacher RW  Canada
1961 Hap Day D  Canada
1961 George Hainsworth G  Canada
1961 Joe Hall D  Canada/ Great Britain
1961 Percy LeSueur G–RW  Canada
1961 Frank Rankin R  Canada
1961 Maurice Richard RW  Canada
1961 Milt Schmidt C  Canada
1961 Oliver Seibert C  Canada
1961 Bruce Stuart R  Canada
1962 Punch Broadbent RW  Canada
1962 Harry Hyland RW  Canada
1962 Steamer Maxwell R  Canada
1962 Reg Noble C–D–LW  Canada
1962 Sweeney Schriner LW  Canada
1962 Alf Smith RW  Canada
1963 Harry Cameron D  Canada
1963 Rusty Crawford C–LW  Canada
1963 Jack Darragh RW  Canada
1963 Jimmy Gardner LW  Canada
1963 Billy Gilmour RW  Canada
1963 Ebbie Goodfellow C–D  Canada
1963 Shorty Green F  Canada
1963 Riley Hern G  Canada
1963 Tom Hooper F  Canada
1963 Bouse Hutton G  Canada
1963 Jack Laviolette D–LW  Canada
1963 Billy McGimsie C  Canada
1963 Didier Pitre D–R–RW  Canada
1963 Joe Primeau C  Canada
1963 Jack Ruttan D  Canada
1963 Earl Seibert D  Canada
1963 Bullet Joe Simpson D  Canada
1963 Barney Stanley D–RW  Canada
1963 Marty Walsh C  Canada
1963 Harry E. Watson C  Canada
1963 Rat Westwick G–R  Canada
1963 Frederick Whitcroft R  Canada
1963 Phat Wilson D  Canada
1964 Doug Bentley LW  Canada
1964 Bill Durnan G  Canada
1964 Babe Siebert D–LW  Canada
1964 Black Jack Stewart D  Canada
1965 Marty Barry C  Canada
1965 Clint Benedict G  Canada
1965 Arthur Farrell F  Canada
1965 Red Horner D  Canada
1965 Syd Howe D–LW  Canada
1965 Jack Marshall C–D  Canada
1965 Bill Mosienko RW  Canada
1965 Blair Russel C–RW  Canada
1965 Ernie Russell C–R  Canada
1965 Fred Scanlan F  Canada
1966 Max Bentley C  Canada
1966 Toe Blake LW  Canada
1966 Emile Bouchard D  Canada
1966 Frank Brimsek G  United States
1966 Ted Kennedy C  Canada
1966 Elmer Lach C  Canada
1966 Ted Lindsay LW  Canada
1966 Babe Pratt D  Canada
1966 Ken Reardon D  Canada
1967 Turk Broda G  Canada
1967 Neil Colville C–D  Canada
1967 Harry Oliver RW  Canada
1968 Bill Cowley C  Canada
1969 Sid Abel C–LW  Canada
1969 Bryan Hextall RW  Canada
1969 Red Kelly C–D  Canada
1969 Roy Worters G  Canada
1970 Babe Dye RW  Canada
1970 Bill Gadsby D  Canada
1970 Tom Johnson D  Canada
1971 Busher Jackson LW  Canada
1971 Gordon Roberts LW  Canada
1971 Terry Sawchuk G  Canada
1971 Cooney Weiland C  Canada
1972 Jean Beliveau C  Canada
1972 Bernie Geoffrion RW  Canada
1972 Hap Holmes G  Canada
1972 Gordie Howe RW  Canada
1972 Hooley Smith C–D–RW  Canada
1973 Doug Harvey D  Canada
1973 Chuck Rayner G  Canada
1973 Tommy Smith C–R–LW  Canada
1974 Billy Burch C–D  Canada/ United States
1974 Art Coulter D  Canada
1974 Tommy Dunderdale C  Australia
1974 Dickie Moore LW  Canada
1975 George Armstrong RW  Canada
1975 Ace Bailey LW  Canada
1975 Gordie Drillon RW  Canada
1975 Glenn Hall G  Canada
1975 Pierre Pilote D  Canada
1976 Johnny Bower G  Canada
1976 Bill Quackenbush D  Canada
1977 Alex Delvecchio C–LW  Canada
1977 Tim Horton D  Canada
1978 Andy Bathgate RW  Canada
1978 Jacques Plante G  Canada
1978 Marcel Pronovost D  Canada
1979 Harry Howell D  Canada
1979 Bobby Orr D  Canada
1979 Henri Richard C  Canada
1980 Harry Lumley G  Canada
1980 Lynn Patrick C–LW  Canada
1980 Gump Worsley G  Canada
1981 Johnny Bucyk LW  Canada
1981 Frank Mahovlich LW  Canada
1981 Allan Stanley D  Canada
1982 Yvan Cournoyer RW  Canada
1982 Rod Gilbert RW  Canada
1982 Norm Ullman C  Canada
1983 Ken Dryden G  Canada
1983 Bobby Hull LW  Canada
1983 Stan Mikita C  Slovakia
1984 Phil Esposito C  Canada
1984 Jacques Lemaire C  Canada
1984 Bernie Parent G  Canada
1985 Gerry Cheevers G  Canada
1985 Bert Olmstead LW  Canada
1985 Jean Ratelle C  Canada
1986 Leo Boivin D  Canada
1986 Dave Keon C  Canada
1986 Serge Savard D  Canada
1987 Bobby Clarke C  Canada
1987 Eddie Giacomin G  Canada
1987 Jacques Laperrière D  Canada
1988 Tony Esposito G  Canada
1988 Guy Lafleur RW  Canada
1988 Buddy O’Connor C  Canada
1988 Brad Park D  Canada
1989 Herbie Lewis LW  Canada
1989 Darryl Sittler C  Canada
1989 Vladislav Tretiak G  Russia/ Soviet Union
1990 Bill Barber LW  Canada
1990 Fernie Flaman D  Canada
1990 Gilbert Perreault C  Canada
1991 Mike Bossy RW  Canada
1991 Denis Potvin D  Canada
1991 Bob Pulford C–LW  Canada
1991 Clint Smith C  Canada
1992 Marcel Dionne C  Canada
1992 Woody Dumart LW  Canada
1992 Bob Gainey LW  Canada
1992 Lanny McDonald RW  Canada
1993 Guy Lapointe D  Canada
1993 Edgar Laprade C  Canada
1993 Steve Shutt LW  Canada
1993 Billy Smith G  Canada
1994 Lionel Conacher D  Canada
1994 Harry P. Watson LW  Canada
1995 Bun Cook LW  Canada
1995 Larry Robinson D  Canada
1996 Bobby Bauer RW  Canada
1996 Borje Salming D  Sweden
1997 Mario Lemieux C  Canada
1997 Bryan Trottier C  Canada
1998 Roy Conacher LW  Canada
1998 Michel Goulet LW  Canada
1998 Peter Stastny C  Slovakia/ Czechoslovakia
1999 Wayne Gretzky C  Canada
2000 Joe Mullen RW  United States
2000 Denis Savard C  Canada
2001 Viacheslav Fetisov D  Russia/ Soviet Union
2001 Mike Gartner RW  Canada
2001 Dale Hawerchuk C  Canada
2001 Jari Kurri RW  Finland
2002 Bernie Federko C  Canada
2002 Clark Gillies LW  Canada
2002 Rod Langway D  United States
2003 Grant Fuhr G  Canada
2003 Pat LaFontaine C  United States
2004 Ray Bourque D  Canada
2004 Paul Coffey D  Canada
2004 Larry Murphy D  Canada
2005 Valeri Kharlamov LW  Soviet Union
2005 Cam Neely RW  Canada
2006 Dick Duff LW  Canada
2006 Patrick Roy G  Canada
2007 Mark Messier C  Canada
2007 Al MacInnis D  Canada
2007 Scott Stevens D  Canada
2007 Ron Francis C  Canada
2008 Glenn Anderson RW  Canada
2008 Igor Larionov C  Russia/ Soviet Union
2009 Brett Hull RW  United States/ Canada
2009 Brian Leetch D  United States
2009 Luc Robitaille LW  Canada
2009 Steve Yzerman C  Canada
2010 Dino Ciccarelli RW  Canada
2010 Angela James C  Canada
2010 Cammi Granato C  United States
2011 Ed Belfour G  Canada
2011 Doug Gilmour C  Canada
2011 Mark Howe D  United States
2011 Joe Nieuwendyk C  Canada
2012 Pavel Bure RW  Russia/ Soviet Union
2012 Adam Oates C  Canada
2012 Joe Sakic C  Canada
2012 Mats Sundin C  Sweden
2013 Chris Chelios D  United States
2013 Geraldine Heaney D  Canada
2013 Scott Niedermayer D  Canada
2013 Brendan Shanahan LW  Canada
2014 Rob Blake D  Canada
2014 Peter Forsberg C  Sweden
2014 Dominik Hašek G  Czech Republic
2014 Mike Modano C  United States
2015 Sergei Fedorov C  Russia/ Soviet Union
2015 Phil Housley D  United States
2015 Nicklas Lidström D  Sweden
2015 Chris Pronger D  Canada
2015 Angela Ruggiero D  United States
2016 Eric Lindros C Canada
2016 Sergei Makarov RW  Russia/ Soviet Union
2016 Pat Quinn D Canada
2016 Rogie Vachon G Canada