Snipers Edge Hockey: PassMaster

It’s not often that we feel obliged to review product, but the good folks at Sniper’s Edge were great enough to send us one of their PassMasters to try out and I must say that it truly is a great passing aid.  For those not familiar with Sniper’s Edge, Sniper’s Edge is a leading provider and manufacturer of hockey training products & aids throughout North America.  They carry a great selection of shooting, passing and stick handling aids.  Here’s but a sample of some of their awesome products.


  • Shooting tarps
  • Shooting pads
  • Slick tiles and stick weights


  • Pass Master
  • Sauce Master
  • Floor Tiles

Stick Handling

  • Stick Handling Pads
  • Attack aids
  • Stick Handling Balls
  • Training Pucks

If you want to improve your shooting, stick handling or passing then you’ll want to check out their product line.  My six year old son and I have been testing out the Pass Master and my son can’t get enough of it.  He likes practicing his one-timers in the garage and the PassMaster makes it easy for him to do so.  While its design is simple in nature, the PassMaster can be used anywhere – the driveway, basement, garage, and on any shooting pad, dryland tile, or synthetic ice surface. It includes removable spikes for on-ice use.  What I like about it is the durability.  This thing is heavy and it’s not going to break after a handful of shoots.  We’ve used hockey balls, tennis balls, hard and soft puck and the PassMaster works great with all of them.  My son is able to make a nice level pass and practice receiving a pass back as he fires a puck at the triangle.  The triangular shape makes all three sides an option to try different angles as you send or receive a pass.


Pass Master Passing Aid

PassMaster One-Timer


The PassMaster is a great training tool that can be used as a passing station for developing players. It helps to teach players to deliver soft passes, catch and fire rocket fast one-timers, keep their stick on the ice, practice giving and receiving a pass, improve stickhandling speed and passing accuracy.  Practice some sweet one-timers with the PassMaster.  Improve your playmaking skills and become the next Patrick Kane or Connor McDavid today!

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift or perhaps you just need some off season training equipment to improve your game.  Check out the PassMaster from Sniper’s Edge.

Special thanks to Taylor Eide from Sniper’s Edge for sending us a PassMaster to practice our one-timers.  Get yours today!

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