The NHL’s 98th Season is Set To Begin

The 2014–15 NHL season was the 98th season of operation (97th season of play).  This year marks the NHL’s 98th season of play.  Tonight the NHL will begin it’s 98th season.  Hockey fans in 30 cities and beyond are giddy with excitement.  Last season is over and everyone begins tied with the same record.  Within weeks teams will be separated by wins, losses and points.  Here is a look at what the 98th NHL season means for the 30 NHL teams.

Age of the 30 NHL Teams

Anaheim Ducks – begin their 22nd NHL season.

Arizona Coyotes – begin their although they joined the NHL as the Winnipeg Jets in the 1979/80 NHL season.

Boston Bruins – begin their 91st NHL season.

Buffalo Sabres – begin their 45th NHL season.

Calgary Flames begin their 35th NHL season in Calgary although they started in Atlanta during the 1972/73 NHL season.

Carolina Hurricanes – begin their although they joined the NHL as the Hartford Whalers in 1979/80.

Chicago Blackhawks – begin their 89th season as defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Colorado Avalanche – begin their 20th NHL season in Colorado although they joined the NHL as the Quebec Nordiques in 1979/80.

Columbus Blue Jackets – being their 15th NHL season.

Dallas Stars – begin their 22nd NHL season in Dallas where they moved to in 1993/94 (although the team moved from Minnesota where they began as the North Stars beginning in 1967/68.

Detroit Red Wings – begin their 90th NHL season.

Edmonton Oilers – begin their 36th NHL season.

Florida Panthers – begin their 22nd NHL season.

Los Angeles Kings – begin their 48th NHL season.

Minnesota Wild – begin their 15th NHL season.

Montreal Canadiens – begin their 107th season.

Nashville Preadators – begin their 17th NHL season.

New Jersey Devils – begin their 33rd year in New Jersey after moving from Denver (Colorado rockies) in 1982 and previously Kansas City in 1974 (Kansas City Scouts).

New York Islanders – begin their 43rd NHL season.

New York Rangers – begin their 89th NHL season

Ottawa Senators – begin their 23rd NHL season (as the modern day Ottawa Senators)

Philadelphia Flyers – begin their 48th NHL season as one of the original expansion franchises.

Pittsburgh Penguins – ditto for the Penguins who begin their 48th NHL season.

St. Louis Blues – also begin their 48th NHL season.

San Jose Sharks – begin their 24th NHL season.

Tampa Bay Lightning – begin their 23rd NHL season.

Toronto Maple Leafs – begin their 99th season.

Washington Capitals – begin their 41st NHL season.

Winnipeg Jets – begin their 5th season back in Winnipeg after the Atlanta Thrashers (est. 1999) moved to Winnipeg.

Vancouver Canucks – begin their 45th NHL season.

Hockey fans in 30 NHL cities have a lot to be excited for.