Top Hockey Tournament Names

Need a name for your child’s hockey tournament?  Perhaps you need a name for your old-timers tournament?  Well The Hockey Fan has compiled a list of top hockey tournament names.  Of course some of these are for fun, but whether it is for minor hockey or for a senior league, here are some names to consider for your tournament.

Top 100 Hockey Tournament Names

While we have numbered our list, these tournament names are in random order.  Have fun naming your tournament.  Special shout out to Chris and Nick for some of the “whoppers” on the list.

  1. The Happy Gilmore Open
  2. <Insert your town name> Minor Hockey’s Lucky Puck Tournament
  3. Battle of the Biscuit (biscuit is a puck for you non-hockey players out there)
  4. The Dandy Cup
  5. The Sic Biscuit Tournament (or Sic and Twisted Biscuit Tournament)
  6. Minor Hockey, Major Glory Tournament of Champions
  7. Battle of the Ice Warriors
  8. Ice Fest <insert year here>
  9. The Friendship Tournament
  10. Ice Age Tournament
  11. <Insert your town name> Minor Hockey’s Top Gunners Tournament
  12. The Winter Classic Reboot
  13. Top Gun Tournament
  14. Ring in the New Year Tournament
  15. The mother pucking best tourney around
  16. In the Sticks (or In the Stix) Hockey Tournament
  17. Hooray for Hockey Tournament
  18. Ring in the New Year Tourney
  19. <Insert your town name> Minor Hockey’s Top Gun Tournament
  20. Skate, Shoot & Score Fest
  21. The <insert month> Classic
  22. One Pucking Awesome Hockey Tournament
  23. The Frozen 16
  24. The Fall Brawl
  25. The Zamboni Appreciation Fest
  26. Danglefest 2013
  27. The Best Damn Hockey Tournament Ever
  28. The Good Ol Hockey Tournament
  29. Showcase of Skill – Hockey Tournament
  30. The No Contact Meltdown
  31. Goaltober Fest
  32. The Slappy Gilmore
  33. <Insert your town name> Championship
  34. Benchwarmers Hockey Challenge
  35. All for the Glory Tournament
  36. Hanson Brother’s Revenge
  37. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Tournament
  38. <Insert your town name> Invitational
  39. Fun, Flare & Finesse Tournament
  40. The Edge of Ice
  41. Blades of Steel Tournament of Champions
  42. Hooray for Hockey Moms Tournament
  43. Skate Your Jock Off Tourney
  44. Stickin’ Around Hockey Challenge
  45. The Breakaway Championship
  46. The Hockey Heroes Tournament
  47. Memorial Championship
  48. Shooter McGavin’s Challenge
  49. No Guts, No Glory Tournament
  50. Ice Hockey Tournament of Death
  51. Hockey Buzz Tournament
  52. Stay Outta the Sin-Bin Tourney
  53. Fill the Net Fest
  54. Last Line of Defense Tourney
  55. Skate & Shoot Fest
  56. Puck Masters Championship
  57. The Tourney of Nations
  58. On-the-Fly Hockey Challenge
  59. Challenge of the Hockey Warriors
  60. Tour of Duty
  61. Chip It In, Chip It Out Tourney
  62. Ice Masters Tourney
  63. The Mightiest Hockey Tournament Ever
  64. This One’s For Mom Hockey Tournament
  65. This One’s For Dad Hockey Tournament
  66. Tournament of Champions
  67. The Breakaway Challenge
  68. Hockey’s Ultimate Challenge
  69. Tournament of Heroes
  70. Cherry Pickers Challenge
  71. The <insert month> Face-Off Challenge
  72. The Great Goalpost Challenge
  73. Battle of the Ice
  74. Icing on the Cake Tournament
  75. Keep your Head Up Hockey Challenge
  76. Off the Halfboards Challenge
  77. The Odd-Man Rush Championship
  78. The Quest for the Cup
  79. One Damn Good Hockey Tournament
  80. Sheldon’s Revenge (tribute to Sheldon Kennedy)
  81. Skate Your Buns Off Challenge
  82. Top Shelf Hockey Challenge
  83. Danglefest <insert year>
  84. The Spring Hockey Classic
  85. Slapfest <insert year>
  86. Edge of Excess
  87. They Shoot They Score Hockey Tourney
  88. Don’t Trip Over the Blueline Hockey Challenge
  89. The Ends of the Ice Hockey Tournament
  90. The Frozen Pond Challenge
  91. The Most Awesome Hockey Tournament.. Ever
  92. Pucker Up
  93. The Net Detective Championship
  94. The Lucky Puck Challenge
  95. Minor Hockey’s Ultimate Hockey Tournament
  96. The Amazing Hockey Tournament
  97. Summit Series <insert year>
  98. Little Puckers Championship
  99. The Tournament of Greatness
  100. Playing for Fun Challenge

There you have it some of the most fun names for hockey tournaments. Have other suggestions? Drop us a line and we may include them in next year’s list. Have fun!