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10 NHL Caliber Coaches Looking for a Job

April 29, 2012

Tweet As the NHL rolls into the second round of playoffs there are 22 teams who are already thinking about next next.  Some of these teams have coaches that are on the hotseat.  The problem is if you decide to replace your coach, with whom do you replace him with?  The Hockey Fanatic has compiled […]

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Hockey Playoffs: The Favorite Time of Year for Hockey Fans

April 25, 2012

Tweet Some might argue that the start of hockey season is the favorite time of year for hockey fans. While the start of hockey season is a very special time, we would argue that there is no better time of year than playoff time. Whether you are a fan of the NHL, AHL, KHL, ECHL, […]

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Top 10 Moments of the First Week of 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 16, 2012

Tweet The first week of the 2012 NHL Playoffs have been intense to say the least.  We have some some crazy stuff on the ice.  Pretty much every series has had some “stuff” go down.  The Flyers / Penguins series has lived up to its billing.  Who would have thought that both the Penguins and […]

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2012 NHL Playoffs Preview

April 9, 2012

Tweet With 1230 games in the books, the 2011-2012 NHL regular season came to an end over the weekend.  An interesting season to say the least.  This year, the NHL saw: the return to the great hockey city of Winnipeg Brendan Shanahan use of video to explain suspensions and league issues goal tending still dominate […]

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10 Things I Would Do to Make NHL Hockey Better

April 5, 2012

Tweet Sometimes I think that the NHL should have some hockey fans on their various committees.  There are a lot of passionate and intelligent hockey fans out there.  Many with a lot of good ideas.  Of course you have the traditional hockey people who do not want to change the game too much and then […]

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