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Welcome to the stats section of our site.  Our stats pages are a little different than what you will expect to see.  The stats pages on are meant to list what we as hockey fans remember about given teams.  Our stats pages will list various obscure team stats but will also include our picks for all time teams and hockey heroes representing players that were key to the growth of the franchise.  We will begin by featuring “stats” pages for all 30 of  the NHL’s teams plus some teams that are no longer with us (i.e. Quebec Nordiques) or have been reborn (i.e. Winnipeg Jets).  In this case of the Winnipeg Jets, unlike the NHL record books we will take into consideration the original Jets that moved to Phoenix.  The Phoenix stats page will be specific to the team that has currently played in the desert since 1996.  Therefore you may see some overlap in some of the stats.  Hey we are hockey fans and we will determine how to best represent the teams and  their stats.

We encourage fans of each team to share their thoughts as we will update our stats pages based in part on your feedback.  As hockey fans, we all have our favorite teams, lets see if our All-Time favorites match up with yours.

Look for more stats to be added regularly.  Enjoy hockey fans.

NHL Team Stats Pages

Eastern Conference
Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks Stats

Boston Bruins Statistics

Buffalo Sabres Stats

Calgary Flames Stats

Carolina Hurricanes Statistics

Chicago Blackhawks Stats

Colorado Avalanche / Quebec Nordiques Stats

Columbus Blue Jackets Stats

Dallas Stars Stats

Detroit Red Wings Stats

Edmonton Oilers Stats

Florida Panthers Stats

Los Angeles Kings Stats

Minnesota Wild Stats

Montreal Canadiens Stats

Nashville Predators Stats

New Jersey Devils Stats

New York Islanders Stats

New York Rangers Stats

Ottawa Senators Stats

Philadelphia Flyers Stats

Phoenix Coyotes Stats

Pittsburgh Penguins Statistics

St. Louis Blues Stats

San Jose Sharks Stats

Tampa Bay Lightning Stats

Toronto Maple Leafs Stats

Vancouver Canucks Stats

Washington Capitals Stats

Winnipeg Jets Stats



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