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The Fan Opinion portion of The Hockey Fanatic will feature opinion on things that are going on in the hockey world.  We will discuss topics such as violence in hockey, suspensi0ns, rules, hockey highlights, favorite memories and more.  As hockey fans we have opinions about everything concerning our favorite sport.  Hockey is the greatest game on the planet, but like a relationship, it takes time and effort to grow the game and ensure that it continues to remain the great sport and game that it is.

Ultimately hockey fans will have the last say in just how successful hockey will be.  In markets where teams only draw a third of what their tickets should be, the fans speak.  Fans will only go so far to support a team in their market.  The business of hockey is of minimal concern to the true hockey fans.  In this day of millionaire players where loyalty is but a thing of the past, unless you have a no-trade clause, the true fans are in need of great plays and fast, fun hockey.  Old school hockey fans may not like change, but change is necessary for the game to grow.  There are lots of topics up for debate:

  • should fighting continue to be part of the game?
  • should body-checking be banned?
  • should there be a minimum floor in a salary cap world
  • should the NHL send players to the Olympics?
  • what should be done about concussions?
  • how can an average family afford to put their kids in hockey?
  • how can parents protect their kids from predators
  • who is better Gretzky or Lemieux?  Crosby or Ovie?
  • should southern Ontario get a second NHL team?
  • what should be done with the struggling US based teams?
  • how long should Gary Bettemen continue as Commissioner?
  • should the Shoot Out be removed?
  • should hockey fans have a say in how to improve the game?

The list goes on and one, but you see where we are going with this.  Look for more hockey fan opinion to come.

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