Top 10 Hockey Cheerleader Teams

Did you know that hockey teams have cheerleaders or cheer squads?  You know the girls who come out to get the fans pumped up?  The Hockey Fanatic looks at the top ten NHL hockey cheer teams.

  1. Dallas Stars Ice Girls – with their own Facebook page, the Dallas Stars Ice Girls lead the league in talent and social media.  Here’s a peek at their 2012-2013 auditions.

  2. Anaheim Ducks – Powerplay Players.  The Ducks have assembled a team of girls who will be working the crowds all season long.  Previous versions have also produced a swimsuit calendar.  Here is a look at some of the auditions.

  3. Calgary Flames – Big Country Ice Crew – these girls are gorgeous and talented.  Look for them if you attend a Flames games this season.
    Calgary Flames Ice Crew

  4. Florida’s Redline Lady Panthers – features a team of 25 ladies with some on-ice support.  These lady Panthers will make you roar while in attendance at a Florida Panthers game.  Take a look at last year’s squad.  The Lady Panthers also have a great looking 2012-13 calendarRedline Lady Panthers Calendar

  5. Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew – the defending Stanley Cup champions boast a talented cheer squad with the LA Kings Ice Crew.  View the Ice Crew girls in action.  Follow them on Facebook as well.
    Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew Cheerleaders
  6. Edmonton Oilers Octane – the Oilers do a great job on the website featuring the Octane team.  Check out bios, upcoming appearances and photo gallery on the Oilers’ website.   Check out the current roster of the Octane Girls.
    Edmonton Oilers Octane Girls
  7. Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad – the team that started it all.  The NHL Hurricanes Storm Squad was started in 1999 and have been going strong ever since.  Hurricanes Storm Squad
  8. Phoenix Paw Patrolthese girls make our list for simply having the coolest cheer squad name.

  9. Nashville Predator Ice Girls – you cannot go into Smashville and not miss the Predator Ice Girls.  Check out the 2012-2013 Ice Girl auditions. Nashvile Predators Ice Girls
  10. Tampa Bay Lightning Girls – wow there must be something in the water in southern Florida.  The Lightning Girls are attractive, talented and have the coolest outfits of any of the cheer squads.  Check out audition footage and meet the teamTampa Bay Lightning Girls