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10 Biggest Surprises of the 2014-15 NHL Season

Published on October 31, 2014 By The Hockey Fan

Tweet Well the first month of the 2014-2015 NHL season is coming to a close we thought that it would be fun to look at some of the largest surprises of the early NHL season.  Which players have had the most surprising start (good or bad)?  Which teams have been the biggest surprise thus far? […]

What is Wrong with Canada’s NHL Teams?

Published on March 29, 2014 By The Hockey Fan

Tweet Not since 1993 has a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup.  It just does not seem right does it?  It looks like the drought will continue this season as only one of the seven Canadian teams in the NHL is poised to make the playoffs, that being the Montreal Canadiens.  Since the Holy Grail […]

95 Years of NHL History

Published on February 17, 2013 By The Hockey Fan

Tweet The 2017-2018 NHL season will mark the 100th Anniversary of the National Hockey League and although we are five years away, The Hockey Fanatic wanted to share some of the great pieces of history from the NHL game.  We have compiled a list of 95 items (one from each year) to celebrate the 95 […]

Roberto Luongo vs. Cory Schneider: Who Should Lead the Canucks?

Published on February 2, 2013 By The Hockey Fan

Tweet Who should be the starting goalie for the Vancouver Canucks? Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider? We will settle that dispute right now.  The Hockey Fanatic thinks that Luongo should be the starting goalie for the Canucks. The goaler-coaster continues to roll in Vancouver as Luongo was named the starter for a third straight game […]

The NHL is Back!

Published on January 10, 2013 By The Hockey Fan

Tweet Finally the NHL is back!!!  Keep checking back with thehockeyfanatic.com.  We are a great resource for all hockey fans.  Feel free to connect with us.  Tweet us your ideas or opinion about the NHL being back.  What are you most looking forward to?  The Hockey Fanatic is your source for: NHL Team Stats NHL […]