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Vancouver CanucksWelcome to the Vancouver Canucks Stats page. The stats pages on are meant to list what we as hockey fans associate with each particular team. Our stats pages will include our version of the all-time Vancouver Canucks team as well as obscure stats about the team. Notes stats are as of the start of the 2011-12 season (unless otherwise indicated).

Did You Know?  That had the Vancouver Canucks won the Stanley Cup in 2011 they would have became the third Canadian city to host the Olympics and win the Stanley Cup in the same year (Montreal and Calgary were the others).  The Canucks lost in seven games to the Boston Bruins.  The Canucks have made it to the Stanley Cup finals on three occasions losing to the New York Islanders in 1982, The New York Rangers in seven games in 1994 and the Boston Bruins in seven games in 2011.

Vancouver Canucks StatisticsVancouver Canucks Statistics

Debut Season: 1970-71
# of Stanley Cups: none
Longest Playoff Streak: 6 years (1979-1984, 1991-1996)
Most Wins in a Season: 54 – 2010-2011
# of captains in team history: 12
# of coaches in team history: 16
Most Coaching Wins: Alain Vigneault 287
Most Goals in a Season: 346 – 1992-93
Most Points All Time: Markus Naslund – 756
Toughest St. Louis player of all-time (penalty minutes): Gino Odjick
# of retired jerseys: 3
Most Games Played: Trevor Linden – 1,140
Most Goalie Wins: Roberto Luongo– 224
Most Popular Player of All-Time: Trevor Linden

Vancouver Canucks All-Time TeamVancouver Canucks All-Time Team

Coach: Alain Vigneault

Goalie: Kirk McLean

Defenseman: Mattias Ohlund

Defenseman: Harold Snepts

Left-wing: Stan Smyl

Center: Trevor Linden

Right-wing: Pavel Bure

Enforcer: Tiger Williams

Top 25 All-Time Most Popular Vancouver Canucks

  1. Trevor Linden
  2. Stan Smyl
  3. Kirk McLean
  4. Markus Naslund
  5. Pavel Bure
  6. Roberto Luongo
  7. Henik Sedin
  8. Richard Brodeur
  9. Daniel Sedin
  10. Harold Snepts
  11. Thomas Gradin
  12. Tony Tanti
  13. Gino Odjick
  14. Jykki Lumme
  15. Todd Bertuzzi
  16. Doug Lidster
  17. Greg Adams
  18. Mattias Ohlund
  19. Alexander Mogilny
  20. Tiger Williams
  21. Petri Skriko
  22. Don Lever
  23. Dennis Kearns
  24. Orland Kurtenbach
  25. Mark Messier

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