Hockey Terms U-Z

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Hockey Terms U-Z

The presents our glossary of hockey terms.  From A to Z, find your favorite hockey terms here.


Underdog – the team who is less favored to win a game or series.

Undress – To deke around a player skillfully, especially in a one-on-one situation.


Veteran – a player who has been in the league for a number of years.

Villianfy – the act of the media to place blame on a coach or player.



Waffle – goalie’s blocker

Wet Behind the Ears – a rookie

Wheels – player’s ability to skate fast

Wraparound – To skate behind the opposing team’s net and wrap the puck around the farther post and into the net with the stick before the goalie can move across the goal to stop it.

Wrist Shot –  shooting motion by propelling the puck off the blade of the stick with a flicking motion of the wrist.  This shot was used by many great players but was perhaps perfected by Joe Sakic.


X’s and O’s – used by coaches to illustrate the opposition in comparison to their team.


Yarn – old hockey stories.



Zebra – referee or official.

Zones – The three areas on the ice made up by the two blue lines: the defensive zone, the attacking zone and the neutral zone.

Zamboni – machine used to clean and resurface the ice.


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