Hockey Terms K-O

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Hockey Terms K-O

The presents our glossary of hockey terms.  From A to Z, find your favorite hockey terms here.


Kill – penalty kill or the act of killing off a penalty.


Left Wing – The player on the forward line who mainly plays on the left side of the ice.

Left Wing Lock

Lid – helmet

Lighting the lamp – scoring a goal

Linesman – An on-ice official responsible for most face-offs, making icing and offside calls, and occasionally advising the referee regarding penalties.

Lumber – hockey stick


Major Penalty – A five-minute penalty given for serious infractions of the rules; these penalties last the full five minutes even if the opposing team scores during the power play.  Examples of major penalties include fighting and high sticking where the opposing player is cut.

Man Advantage – When one team has a penalty and the other has more players on the ice; also referred to as a power play, the opposite of playing shorthanded.

“MAN ON!” – A warning given to a teammate that an opposing player is coming up from behind to check him.

Minor Penalty – A two-minute penalty given for minor infractions of the rules; if the opposing team scores during this power play, the minor penalty ends immediately.  Examples of minor penalties include: slashing, hooking, holding and tripping.

Mitts – hockey gloves

Mugging – act of attacking another player without his knowledge, also known as “Todd Bertuzziing”

Mustard – something placed on a hard shot



Natural Hattrick – three goals in a row, in one game

Net – The area a puck must enter to count as a goal. The net opening is 4 feet high and 6 feet wide, with netting on the back part to trap the puck.

Neutral Zone –  The center-ice area between the defending and attacking zones, enclosed by the two blue lines.


Odd-Man Rush – When a team enters the opposing team’s end with more attacking players than there are players defending in the zone.

Officials – The team of on-ice officials includes the referee and two linesmen. There are also several off-ice officials, such as the timekeepers, goal judges, scorer and statistician.

Offside – When a player skates across the other team’s blue line before the puck crosses it, or when the puck is passed across two lines.

One-on-One – When an attacking player has the puck and there is only one defending player between them and the goalie.

One Timer – When a player receives a pass and shoots the puck without stopping it first.

Official Rink Size – 85 feet by 200 feet for NHL rinks and 98 feet by 200 feet for international/Olympic rinks.

On the fly – line change that occurs while play is going on


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