Hockey Terms F-J

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Hockey Terms F-J

The presents our glossary of hockey terms.  From A to Z, find your favorite hockey terms here.


Face-Off – When the puck is dropped between two opposing players to start or resume play.  A face-off is conducted at the start of each period and after every stoppage in play.

Face wash – when a player sticks their hand/glove in the opposing players face usually after a whistle which often results in an altercation or fisticuffs.  Or when a player skates towards the goalies and stops spraying them in the face with snow.

Fan – When a player misses (fans) the puck while attempting a shot or a pass.  Or a person known as a “fanatic” who watches and understands the game.

Feed – pass

Fighting – The act of engaging in fisticuffs with an opponent.  A five-minute major penalty given to any players engaged in fighting.

Flash the Leather – when a goalie makes a quick glove save.

Forearm Shiver – the act of hitting an opponent with ones forearem.  If detected by the officials this may result in a minor or major penalty.

Forecheck – To check against a team at their end of the rink.

Forwards – The three attacking offensive players (centre, left wing and right wing) who play more in the other team’s end and are usually responsible for scoring goals and producing offensive output.

Fray – a skirmish or gathering of players

Freezing the puck – play where they players around the puck prevent the puck from moving by falling on the puck or blocking the puck with their skate or stick blade.  Or a maneuver whereby the goalie holds onto the puck for extended period of time forcing a faceoff in his own zone.

Full Strength – When a team has all six of its players on the ice at one time.


Give and go – the act where one player passes the puck, then moves into an open position and receives  a return pass.

Glass – the outside perimeter above the boards used to protect fans watching the game.

Goal Line –  The red line that runs between the goal posts and extends in both directions to the side boards.

Goon – fighter; players not known for their strong offensive or defensive skills that tend to take a lot of penalties.

Gordie Howe Hattrick – goal, assist, and fight in one game

Gretzky’s Office – area behind the net made famous by Wayne Gretzky when he used to set up a number of his amazing plays.

Grinder – player of lesser skill or lower quality; Also known as “Checker” or “Plumber”.



Hammered – when a player is on the recipient end of a huge bodycheck.

Hash Marks – The straight lines that stick out from all face-off circles, where left and right-wingers line up before a face-off.

Headmanning the puck –  Passing the puck ahead to a teammate where the pass is in front of them and they have to skate into it.

Hip Check – Using your hip to hit a player; a legal play and lost art.

Holding – grabbing onto an opposing player.  A minor penalty for grabbing an opposing player and impeding their progress.

Hooking – Using the blade of your stick top slow an opponent down.  A minor penalty given to a player who uses his stick to slow an opponent down.

Hotdogging – the act of showboating after making a strong play or scoring a goal.

Howitzer – a hard slap shot or hard shot in general



Icing – when teams are at even strength and one team from within their own blueline fires the puck down the ice into the opposing teams’ end past the red line resulting in a faceoff in the offending teams end of the ice.

Iron – goal post


Jetsetter – a player who gets traded frequently.

Jumbo Joe – nickname for NHLer Joe Thornton

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